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11 New Covers (Armstrong, Baggott, Black, Cross, Edwards, Littlefield, McGarry, Shulman, Tracey, Vincent)

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[REVIEW] Earth Girl – Janet Edwards

Janet Edwards
Earth Girl
HarperCollins Voyager (UK: 16th August 2012; CA: 17th September 2012; AU: 11th October 2012)
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This is true science fiction – not just dystopian, paranormal, or fantasy masquerading as sci-fi. The plot may be character-driven, but the world-building and futuristic-archaeological setting keeps the pages turning.

The Australian edition of Janet Edwards’ Earth Girl has a summary so short and vague that it fails to mention the awesome, fascinating, jaw-dropping climax that kicks in with 100 pages of the book to go. I shan’t spoil it for you, but it’s been a long time since I’ve come across something that transfixing. Wow. Take a bow, Janet Edwards!

Earth Girl has one major flaw: its titular character. Jarra’s initial motivation is to prove to the non-Handicapped that the Handicapped are just as intelligent and capable. But she judges them more than they judge her. Hypocrisy and double-standards in action here, readers. And Jarra doesn’t acknowledge it. What I thought to be a plot-hole, Jarra self-diagnoses as her psyche protecting her from harm, yet she doesn’t admit to basic bitchiness? And she rips on psychologists? Pain in the arse! She’s good at everything and far too heroic, and she just grinds my gears. Shut up, Jarra; I’d rather hang out with Dalmora, Amalie, and the Betas.

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11 New Covers (Caine, Condie, Cremer, Crossan, Edwards, Jay, Kincy, Lindqvist, Mancusi, Preble)

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7 New Covers (Armstrong, Arthur, Caine, Cooper, Cross, Edwards, Ryan)

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6 New Deals

Kelley Armstrong‘s Omens and Shadows trilogy to Dutton (US) for publication in 2013-15. Starring a very different heroine from the Otherworld series.

Janet Edwards’s Earth Girl for publication 2012. A quirky 18-year-old girl manipulates her way into an archaeological dig on Earth in the year 2788.

David Levithan & Andrea Cremer‘s The Invisibility Curse to Philomel (World Rights) for publication in 2013. A boy burdened by invisibility meets a girl who has the power to see him & possibly cure him.

Demitria Lunetta‘s post-apocalyptic YA trilogy to HarperTeen (World English). Set in a future in which Earth has been ravaged by predatory creatures. 17-year-old Amy thinks that she & the toddler she rescued from a desolate grocery store are the only humans left alive – until they find refuge in a survivors’ colony called New Hope. But as Amy is drawn deeper into its secrets, she comes to realise that all is not what it seems. The dark truth she uncovers about this brutal new world will change everything. In the After is scheduled for 2012.

Kat Richardson‘s next 3 urban fantasies in the Greywalker series to Ace. About a private inspector, who is forced to risk the hard-won love & stability she has finally found in order to protect the world & the Grey, & defend those caught where ghosts roam & magic sings.

Kat Zhang‘s Hybrid trilogy. A 15-year-old girl must conceal her 2nd soul or be locked up by the government. Pitched as The Golden Compass meets Girl, Interrupted.