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27th September 2012 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Karen Mahoney
Falling to Ash
Random House (UK: 27th September 2012)
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Marie “Moth” O’Neal is an eternal teenager, cursed to live out her life as an eighteen-year-old vampire and shunned by her strictly religious family. Her Maker, Theo, prizes her as his best Retriever and sends her on increasingly difficult missions. That’s how Moth finds herself investigating the suspicious deaths plaguing a group of Otherkin kids in Boston. The ‘kin like to live the vampire lifestyle, but they’ve managed to attract the attention of a dark force that’s slowly picking them off one by one. Then the dead teenagers start to rise again – as something other than vamps. Who knew that zombies actually existed? Now Moth has to infiltrate the Otherkin without them figuring out that she’s the Real Deal, find out who or what is transforming them into the walking dead, all while keeping resident vampire hunter Jason Murdoch from shooting anything that doesn’t breathe. It doesn’t help that she and Jace have a history, and the sexy young hunter feels he has a lot to prove – and a score to settle…

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