2016 Book Reviews

Cherish – Tracey Garvis Graves Buy (Worldwide)

The Masked Truth – Kelley Armstrong “…quite interesting…” Buy (Worldwide)

Damage Done – Amanda Panitch “…Damage Done is a short, snappy suspense with plenty of twists and turns. You’ll immediately want to re-read it after completion. This psychological thriller is a winner, and I’m keen to read more from Amanda Panitch.” Buy (Worldwide)

No Life But This – Anna Sheehan “…ICE MOON is all readers need to motivate them to read No Life But This!…” Buy (Worldwide)

Playing with Fire – Tess Gerritsen Buy (Worldwide)

The Sundial – Shirley Jackson Buy (Worldwide)

The Guilty One – Sophie Littlefield “…a positive representation of women being friends.” Buy (Worldwide)

Dreaming of Antigone – Robin Bridges Buy (Worldwide)

Hold Me Close – Megan Hart “…heart-wrenching…It’s the attention to detail that makes Hold Me Close so good…I heartily recommend it…” Buy (Worldwide)

Cut Both Ways – Carrie Mesrobian Buy (Worldwide)

The Final Seven – Erica Spindler Buy (Worldwide)

MARTians – Blythe Woolston “Read it and weep. Blythe Woolston’s MARTians hurts to read because though it’s labelled dystopian/futuristic, it seems scarily contemporary…” Buy (Worldwide)

The Map of Bones – Francesca Haig “…the best part of the novel is when Cass and Piper find the Maze of Bones, and journey underground. It’s dangerous, creepy, and claustrophobic, and what they find in there – and how they struggle to exit – are jaw-dropping scenes of brilliance. These books so far are at their best when they fall on the science part of the spec-fic spectrum…Zoe is awesome…” Buy (Worldwide)

Forsaken – Kelley Armstrong Buy (Worldwide)

Proposal – Meg Cabot “…the case Suze tries to solve is interesting…” Buy (Worldwide)

Bloodshifted – Cassie Alexander “…one of my favourite urban fantasy series…Impressed the hell out of me! If you’re looking for a thoroughly enjoyable five-book urban fantasy series, begin with Nightshifted, and have a great time.” Buy (Worldwide)

Story of a Girl – Sara Zarr “…Sara Zarr has crafted an uncomfortable novel of the less-than-ideal situations that strike families and alter their relationships…Deanna’s fear of the future is so real that it hurts to read…It’s not an easy read, but it’s an important one that’ll likely ring true for a lot of readers.” Buy (Worldwide)

The Promised World – Lisa Tucker Buy (Worldwide)

One with You – Sylvia Day “…Dr. Petersen, the BEST CHARACTER in Crossfire, the voice of reason who gives good advice. He’s awesome…” Buy (Worldwide)

Thirst – L. A. Larkin “…Corporate greed has the power to destroy the world in this chilling thriller. Larkin keeps the pace up for the entire novel as survival skills are put to the test. Thirst is bloody good.” Buy (US)

The Stars Never Rise – Rachel Vincent “…a rollicking good read, a thrill ride…the snowballing action and danger doesn’t let up, and I sped through this because it’s just so damn good…” Buy (Worldwide)

New Guard – Robert Muchamore “…a wonderfully fitting farewell…the strongest characters in the series are the girls…” Buy (Worldwide)

Speaking Out – Tara Moss “…well-meaning…lots of advice on research, structuring arguments, and presenting them…students should get a lot out of it…The third section is the most helpful, where the handbook really earns its stripes – on what to expect when speaking out…timeless…” Buy (Worldwide)

The Dirt on Ninth Grave – Darynda Jones “…Garret Swopes has a genuine friendship with Charley – I ship THEM together…The book is at its best when Charley investigates the mystery of her co-worker’s daughter…” Buy (Worldwide)

Ruthless – Carolyn Lee Adams “…A spooky, atmospheric read, Ruthless isn’t easily forgotten…” Buy (Worldwide)

Sage’s Eyes – V. C. Andrews Buy (Worldwide)

Whitefern – V. C. Andrews Buy (Worldwide)