[REVIEW] Bloodshifted – Cassie Alexander

Cassie Alexander
Bloodshifted (Edie Spence, Book 5)
Macmillan St. Martin’s (US: 1st July 2014)
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With Bloodshifted, one of my favourite urban fantasy series comes to an end. Well, you can imagine Edie going on to have many more adventures – the baby’s not even born yet – but the publisher decided not to continue with it. If you’re looking for more of Cassie Alexander’s work, though, she self-publishes erotic fiction.

One of the major drawcards to this series is that Edie Spence is a nurse. I like learning about medical things, so the hospital setting of Y4 is a winner. The location changes, though, with Edie’s most recent adventure on a cruise ship.

Now she’s living underground with vampires to protect her until the baby is born. The head vampire owns a nightclub, of course, but even this trope isn’t boring with Cassie Alexander’s storytelling prowess. And it’s always cool to read about a “mad science” lab.

The best part of the novel: DIY surgery with a plastic bag and a straw. Impressed the hell out of me!

If you’re looking for a thoroughly enjoyable five-book urban fantasy series, begin with Nightshifted, and have a great time.

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