[REVIEW] The Final Seven – Erica Spindler

Erica Spindler
The Final Seven (The Lightkeepers, Book 1)
Hachette Sphere (AU: 9th February 2016; UK: 11th February 2016); Double Shot Press (US: 11th February 2016)
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Erica Spindler is one of the few crime writers I still read regularly. The Final Seven is a departure from her usual fare, in content AND in publication. (It’s self-published only in the US. Otherwise, Hachette’s the publisher in the UK and Australia.) While it has good things in common with the author’s thrillers, this first book in the Lightkeepers series has a paranormal bent.

And herein is the problem, because I don’t connect with the concept. The FBI has launched a special division for paranormal crime investigation training. Only it’s top-secret, and its graduates are now integrated into regular police forces. And thus New Orleans Detective Micki Dare is paired with Zach Harris. Not only that, but he’s also given the rank of Detective. WHICH HE DIDN’T EARN. Micki is rightfully furious about this, and the situation is so frustrating.

Anyway, Zach turns out to be handy at finding evidence even though he keeps breaking rules, such as abandoning a crime scene. He and Micki go undercover, and pash on, and she’s attracted to him, and I JUST DON’T SHIP IT. Mind you, the first time the two meet Zach harasses Micki with inappropriate comments, so I disliked him from the start.

I’ll continue with this series, but I can’t recommend it like I would the author’s other novels.

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