[REVIEW] Forsaken – Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong
Forsaken (Otherworld, Novella)
Subterranean (US: 31st January 2015)
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I kind of don’t think of these novellas as canon. Subterranean Press geo-blocks Australia from the eBooks and the print editions are so expensive that I’ve only been able to read a few of them via the library. Thus I’ve skipped some novellas, and obviously missed important events (such as involving the Australian Pack). And a continuing plotline is still not over by the end of Forsaken.

Elena and Clay have twins that are growing up, and I’m happy for them, but why do kids in fiction always have to be so precocious? The first half of the novella is about a kid in peril, and the second half is about kids helping to save the day. Forsaken just didn’t work for me. Maybe readers with kids will enjoy it more.

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