Most Wanted

Maree Anderson: Freaks in the City; Liminal; Freaks Under Fire
V. C. Andrews: Gods of Green Mountain
Kelley Armstrong: Bounty Hunt; Driven; Lost Souls
Keri Arthur: Blood Kissed
Madeline Ashby: Company Town
Marianne Baer: The Inconceivable Life of Quinn
Cyn Balog: Burned; Unnatural Deeds; Alone
Karen Bao: Dove Arising; Dove Exiled; Dove Alight
Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Taken by Storm
Chris Beckett: The Turing Test; Marcher; Mother of Eden; Daughter of Eden; Spring Tide
Rhoda Belleza: Empress of a Thousand Skies; Blood of a Thousand Stars
Laura Bickle: The Dragon’s Playlist; Witch Creek
Holly Black: Black Heart
Jenna Black: Revolution; Nightstruck; Night Magic
S. A. Bodeen: The Fallout; The Detour
Jennifer Bosworth: The Killing Jar
Melinda Braun: Stranded; Avalanche
Robin Bridges: The Form of Things Unknown
Jessica Brody: The Complete Guide to Getting Published; Unforgotten; Unchanged
Steven Brust & Skyler White: The Skill of Our Hands
Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre: Honor Among Thieves
Sharon Cameron: Rook
J. C. Carleson: Placebo Junkies
Kylie Chan: The Bride with Red Hair; Scales of Empire
Naomi Clark: Wild; Silver Kiss; Blood Hunt; The Beast of Birch Hill; Undertow; Blood Witch; The Sea Wife; Cold Night Moon; Dark Days; Night and Chaos; Thrown to the Wolves; In Cold Blood; Lich Queen
Cassandra Rose Clarke: Star’s End
Cat Clarke: The Lost and the Found
Carolyn Crane: Head Rush
Andrea Cremer: Treachery
Megan Crewe: Those Who Lived; The Clouded Sky; A Sky Unbroken; A Mortal Song
Kady Cross: The Girl with the Iron Touch; The Wild Adventure of Jasper Renn
Heather Davis: A Curse So Dark
Lauren DeStefano: Perfect Ruin; Burning Kingdoms; Broken Crowns; The Glass Spare
Merrie Destefano: Waiting for Midnight
Katelyn Detweiler: Immaculate; Transcendent
Stephanie Diaz: Rebellion; Evolution
Debra Driza: Redemption
Alexandra Duncan: Sound
J. N. Duncan: Blood Justice
Janet Edwards: Earth 2788; Earth and Fire; Frontier; Telepath; Reaper; Scavenger Alliance; Perilous
Jen Estes: Fifteen; Sixteen
Sara Wilson Etienne: Lotus and Thorn
Amy Ewing: Garnet’s Story
Jordana Frankel: The Ward; The Isle
Stefanie Gaither: Into the Abyss
Amanda Grace: No One Needs to Know
Mira Grant: Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box; Symbiont; Chimera; Rise; Feedback; Final Girls; Into the Drowning Deep
Claudia Gray: Ten Thousand Skies Above You; Defy the Stars; Defy the Worlds
Sarah Maria Griffin: Spare and Found Parts
Kim Harrison: The Hollows Insider; Into the Woods; The Drafter; Waylaid; The Operator; The Turn
Megan Hart: Clearwater; Little Secrets
Avery Hastings: Feuds; Torn
Erica Hayes: Hunter’s Heart
Lisa Heathfield: Paper Butterflies; Flight of a Starling
Rhiannon Held: Reflected; Wolfsbane
Kristi Helvig: Strange Skies
Mark Henry: Balustrade
S. F. Henson: Devils Within
Nancy Holzner: Firestorm
Karen Ann Hopkins: Lamb to the Slaughter; Whispers from the Dead; Deception; Secrets in the Grave; Hidden in Plain Sight
Imogen Howson: Fire and Shadow
Carrie Jones: Flying; Enhanced
Heather Kaczynski: Dare Mighty Things
Lydia Kang: A Beautiful Poison; The November Girl
Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner: This Night So Dark; Their Fractured Light
Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff: Illuminae; Gemina; Obsidio
J. M. Kelly: Speed of Life
Kate Kessler: Zero Hour
Mur Lafferty: Six Wakes=
Michele Lang: Into the Real
Justine Larbalestier: Razorhurst; My Sister Rosa
Martin Leicht & Isla Neal: A Stranger Thing
R. C. Lewis: Stitching Snow; Spinning Starlight
Kim Liggett: The Last Harvest; The Unfortunates
Kristen Lippert-Martin: Incognita
Sophie Littlefield: House of Glass
Jennifer Longo: Up to This Pointe
Ceri A. Lowe: Paradigm
Marie Lu: Warcross
Demitria Lunetta: In the After; In the End; Bad Blood
Katie McGarry: Breaking the Rules; Chasing Impossible
Mindy McGinnis: The Female of the Species; This Darkness Mine
Seanan McGuire: Sparrow Hill Road; Tricks for Free
Richelle Mead: The Indigo Spell; The Fiery Heart
Kelly Meding: Tempest; Chimera; Oracle; Lazarus; Stray Magic
Dawn Metcalf: Luminous; Insidious; Invincible
Marissa Meyer: Fairest; Winter; Stars Above
Whitney A. Miller: The Crimson Gate
An Na: The Place Between Breaths
Elizabeth Norris: Undone
Phoebe North: Starglass; Starbreak
Caragh M. O’Brien: The Keep of Ages
Lisa Ann O’Kane: Essence
Francine Pascal: The Sweet Life
Kathleen Peacock: Willowgrove
Parker Peevyhouse: Where Futures End
Diana Peterfreund: Across a Star-Swept Sea
Vicki Pettersson: The Given; The Reordering
Fleur Philips: I Am Lucky Bird; Beautiful Girl
Amy Plum: Until the Beginning; Dreamfall
Cindy Pon: Want
Natasha Preston: Awake; The Cabin; You Will Be Mine
Lissa Price: Portrait of a Starter
Kate Karyus Quinn: Another Little Piece
Dia Reeves: Rhymes with Vampire
Kristopher Reisz: The Drowned Forest
Tiffany Reisz: The Headmaster; The King; The Virgin; The Queen; The Confessions; The Bourbon Thief; The Night Mark; The Red; Michael’s Wings; The Lucky Ones
Eileen Rendahl: Dreidels and Demons; Cover Me in Darkness
Beth Revis: The Body Electric; The Future Collection; Some Writing Advice; Some Publishing Advice; Some Marketing Advice
Leah Rhyne: Heartless; Shapeless
Kat Richardson: Revenant
K. R. Richardson: First Policemen at the End of the Jumpway
Rhonda Roberts: Hoodwink; Coyote
Danielle Rollins: Breaking
Veronica Rossi: Roar and Liv; Riders; Seeker
Madeleine Roux: The Asylum Novellas; Escape from Asylum; House of Furies; Court of Shadows
Diana Rowland: White Trash Zombie Unchained
Laura Ruby: Bone Gap
Jennifer Rush: Forged; Betrayed
Carrie Ryan: The Dead and Empty World; Daughter of Deep Silence
Kim Savage: After the Woods; Beautiful Broken Girls; In Her Skin
Holly Schindler: Play It Again
Tiffany Schmidt: Hold Me Like a Breath; Break Me Like a Promise
Anna Schumacher: Children of the Earth
Megan Shepherd: The Cage; The Hunt; The Gauntlet
Eve Silver: Rush; Push; Crash; Frozen
Kristen Simmons: Breaking Point; Pacifica
Alexandra Sirowy: The Creeping
Jeri Smith-Ready: This Side of Salvation
J. A. Souders: Revelations; Rise; Rebellion
Jessica Spotswood: Wild Swans; The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls
Barbara Stewart: What We Knew
Maggie Stiefvater: Blue Lily Lily Blue; The Raven King
Laurie Faria Stolarz: Welcome to the Dark House; Return to the Dark House; Shutter
Jordan Summers: Raphael; Kane
Amanda Sun: Rise; Storm; Heir to the Sky
Kassy Tayler: Remnants of Tomorrow
Karen E. Taylor: Cellar
Cristin Terrill: Here Lies Daniel Tate
Karri Thompson: Mirror X; Ascendancy
Mary G. Thompson: Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee
Laura Tims: Please Don’t Tell; The Art of Feeling
Jenny Trout: Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Joan Frances Turner: Grave
Susan Vaught: Insanity
Lila Veen: Killing Kate; Burning for You; Drowning in a Dream; The Air That I Breathe
Danielle Vega: Survive the Night; The Exorcism of Sofia Flores; Origins of Evil; Last Rites
Jessica Verday: The Beautiful and the Damned; Of Monsters and Madness
Rachel Vincent: Lion’s Share; Menagerie; Blind Tiger; 100 Hours; Brave New Girl; Spectacle; 99 Lies
M. D. Waters: Gemini’s Edge
Mary Weber: The Evaporation of Sofi Snow; Reclaiming Shilo Snow
Melissa West: Collide; Surge
Scott Westerfeld: Afterworlds
Carol Lynch Williams: The Haven
Susanne Winnacker: Impostor; Between the Shadow and the Soul
Brenna Yovanoff: Places No One Knows
Kat Zhang: Once We Were; Echoes of Us
Anthologies: Among the Shadows; A Fantasy Medley 3; Tales from the SFR Brigade; The Curiosities

3 responses to “Most Wanted

  1. I just have to thank you a thousand times for this list. It’s made planning my purchases for the next year a whole lot easier. 🙂

  2. Wow, there are a lot of writers up there that I haven’t heard of (til now). There are a lot of my favorite writers up there also. I just finished Magic Strikes (wonderful), and am now reading The Demon’s Librarian. It’s different from L.Saintcrows Danny Valentine books, and her YA, but very interesting. I’ve also read both of Devon Monk’s books. Very good, she has a third one coming out in the fall, thank goodness!

    Thank for the list, I’m gonna be checkin’ those other writers out (’cause I don’t have a big enough TBR pile yet -ha!)

  3. Thanks for including EMBERS on your list! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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