[REVIEW] Sage’s Eyes – V. C. Andrews

V. C. Andrews [also published as Virginia Andrews]
Sage’s Eyes
Simon & Schuster (US & CA: 26th January 2016; AU: 11th February 2016; UK: 2nd June 2016)
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That I barely remember anything from this book is likely a blessing, because what I do remember of it is terrible.

Put short, this novel would’ve fared better had it been written in the 1990s. That it’s been published twenty years later does not serve it well. V. C. Andrews is not good at writing paranormals, as evidenced here in Sage’s Eyes.

But worse than the pitiful attempt at supernatural activity is…the self-referencing. The characters go to see a movie adaptation of Ruby – yes, based on the V. C. Andrews novel. I can handle shoddy writing, but this wankery was too much.

Skip Sage’s Eyes. It’s not even “so bad, it’s good”. It’s just bad.


3 responses to “[REVIEW] Sage’s Eyes – V. C. Andrews

  1. Ruby… I saw a movie by that name (I think it was release in 1977 or so?) which was a horrible movie. I’m not sure if that’s the one in this book, though. And thank you for the rec to skip this one. I keep intending to read a VC Andrews novel but never get around to it. (This has been going on since I was in school… something tells me I won’t ever end up reading one.)

    • Nah, don’t think there’s been an adaptation of Ruby yet, and the ’70s were too early. But I definitely do NOT recommend Sage’s Eyes 😉

      • Oh, so the film version of Andrews’ Ruby was a fiction, too. 🙂 The one I saw was still a weird movie… And if I do decide to read a VC Andrews book, it won’t be Sage’s Eyes.

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