Review Policy

How do I get my book featured on your Cover Art, Now Available for US Pre-Order, or daily/monthly listings?
Have a book that I’m interested in. I share what I want to read – simple as that.

What is a Tez Says review?
Not always a “review” as such; often just a collection of thoughts/feelings.

Do you share spoilers in reviews?
If necessary, in order to discuss certain plot points. If so, I mark the review with a spoiler warning. Also, trigger warnings may also count as spoilers.

How can I get you to NOT share spoilers in trigger warnings?
Make sure your book doesn’t include sexual assault, incest, domestic violence, or bigotry. I will list those terms in trigger warnings, but may not mention character names.

What’s your schedule for reading and reviewing?
I don’t have one. If I have a book, I’ll read it whenever I want, and review it if I feel like it. This prevents reading and reviewing from feeling like homework – something you’re obliged to do, but don’t really want to, so you’re less likely to enjoy it.

Will you read and review in a timely manner?
Probably not. (See above.)

If I send you a copy to review, will you definitely review it?
If the book is on my Reading Wishlist, I’m certainly interested. But if you send something unsolicited, and I’m not interested, then I won’t read or review it. Also, reading doesn’t always lead to reviewing, though.

What makes you more likely to accept a review copy?
If the book in question (or its author) is on my wishlist, that’s the best chance.

What genres do you read?
Fiction only. Adult and young adult. Set in the present, an alternate universe, and the future. Speculative fiction in the vein of urban fantasy and Earth-based science fiction. (ie No sword-and-sorcery, no military sci-fi.) Contemporary/mainstream/general fiction if it involves cults or something else that catches my fancy. Erotic fiction, if the book’s by Tiffany Reisz or Megan Hart.

Do you read indie authors?
Only if I’ve read the author’s traditionally published work. So hybrid authors are welcome, but self-published-only authors I likely won’t.

Why not?
I’m sure there are other bloggers out there more welcoming towards self-published authors, so you’d be better off seeking a review from them, not me.

What about star ratings?
I don’t post them on my blog, but I do at Shelfari, Goodreads, and the Amazons. I use whole stars up to five. 3 stars is most common, followed by 4 stars, then 5 stars, then 2 stars. I don’t think I’ve ever rated a book 1 star, but it could happen someday. If I dislike a book that much, I likely won’t finish it and thus won’t rate it.

Where do you post reviews?
On my blog, Shelfari, Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and NetGalley and Edelweiss where possible. Booklikes and Leafmarks receive monthly feeds from Goodreads. Links are posted at LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Booklikes.

Why don’t you post at Barnes & Noble?
They won’t let you even have an account without listing a credit card.

Will you send your review to me first, so I can approve it before you post it online?
No. My reviews are for myself first and foremost, and secondly for my readers. My reviews are not aimed towards authors, but if you benefit from reading my reviews that’s just a bonus. If you don’t want me sharing trigger warnings, or if you wouldn’t be comfortable with a two-star/negative/”meh” review, you’d be best off with another blog, not mine.

Anything else I should know?
Be sure that you actually want an HONEST review. Sometimes people say “honest” when they actually mean “five or four stars”. I point out things that bother me, or sometimes I’m just “meh” and don’t feel particularly positive or negative towards a book.

Do you accept digital copies?
ePub (preferably) or PDF. But I’m much more likely to actually READ the book if it’s a print copy.

How do I send you a print copy?
You’d have to post it to Australia, and international postage can be expensive. So you may find it more cost-effective to contact another blog.

I’m still interested. What should I do?
Send a query letter to TezMillerOz at gmail dot com. If you know me from somewhere, let me know. Give me the back-cover summary of your book, and if I’m interested in reading the book I’ll reply. If I’m not interested, I probably won’t reply. If you’re from a Big Five publisher (Penguin/Random House, HarperCollins/Harlequin, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, or Hachette), I may reject your request but still want to be included on your mailing list for future titles.

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