2018 Book Reviews

Emma in the Night – Wendy Walker “It’s wonderfully gothic, starring missed-up families with hidden agendas. The big reveals, along with the attention to detail (the counting!), make this a thriller not to be missed.” Buy (Worldwide)

Three Strikes – Kate Kessler “…another instalment in a series I always look forward to reading…I’d happily read more crime fiction by Kate Kessler. Edgeport comes alive with all its small-town secrets, and there are likely countless more yet uncovered.” Buy (Worldwide)

Infected – Sophie Littlefield Buy (Worldwide)

Starfall – Melissa Landers “…Starfall genuinely surprised me, and the plot twist enriches the story tremendously. It’s a risky topic, but Melissa Landers writes it with respect and empathy…” Buy (Worldwide)

The Summer Prince “…The vivid lights and imagery should inspire some awesome fan-art by readers. Art, life, death, and the future combine in this memorable setting, as their society grapples with deciding how far they should take technology…and how much they should pare it back.” Buy (Worldwide)

Love Is the Drug “…Love Is the Drug is like Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Fixer meets Malinda Lo’s Adaptation. I so hope Alaya Dawn Johnson writes more young adult novels, because this one and The Summer Prince are great reads. I particularly like her use of settings, which are thoroughly explored.” Buy (Worldwide)

Artemis – Andy Weir “…Fans of Mark Watney will love meeting Jazz Bashara…She’s a smart, skilled, and sassy heroine to cheer for, and the perfect person to form a team to tackle a major task. From mobsters to politicians to the problems of living on the moon itself, Artemis is always engaging with plenty of science and high stakes afoot.” Buy (Worldwide)