[REVIEW] Afterlife – Merrie Destefano

Merrie Destefano
Afterlife (The Resurrection Chronicles, Book 1)
HarperCollins Eos (CA: 8th September 2010; US: 28th September 2010)
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Nine lives aren’t enough for those seeking immortality.

Fresh Start employee Chaz Domingue assists his newly resurrected charges for their first week, and this one’s proving a real challenge. Angelique Baptiste’s previous identity had ties with Chaz’s brother, and was highly involved in some revolutionary research – the results for which some people will kill. With resurrection, that’s not much of a threat, but Chaz is a One-Timer who never signed up for future lives.

Merrie Destefano has crafted a premise that’s powerful in its simplicity. The perfect blend of urban fantasy and science fiction, there are characters to cheer for and settings that spook. From the City of the Dead to the Underground Circus, from gen-spikes to liquid light, from dogs to their human counterparts, Afterlife has so much to love, and the second Resurrection Chronicle can’t come soon enough! (No cliff-hanger ending, though – it’s a gorgeous standalone.)

8 responses to “[REVIEW] Afterlife – Merrie Destefano

  1. Tez, Thank you SO much for the wonderful review. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the book. Your positive take on Afterlife means a lot me–you are so on top of the industry and read so many books. Thanks, again! =)

    • I was in a reading slump, before your book came along and made me enthusiastic about reading again. I just needed a story that would suit me, and AFTERLIFE fit the bill 🙂 And I can be bloody difficult to please, so when I praise, I really mean it!

      Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! 🙂

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