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6 New Covers (Armstrong, Baer, Belleza, Destefano, Ewing, Hepinstall)

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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Kelley Armstrong: DOUBLE PLAY: 5th April 2016: Buy (US)
Kelley Armstrong: A DARKNESS ABSOLUTE: 7th February 2017: Buy (US)
Steven Brust & Skyler White: THE SKILL OF OUR HANDS: 24th January 2017: Buy (US)
Kylie Chan: THE BRIDE WITH RED HAIR: 21st April 2016: Buy (US)
Merrie Destefano: LOST GIRLS: 3rd January 2017: Buy (US)
Darynda Jones: ELEVENTH GRAVE IN MOONLIGHT: 24th January 2017: Buy (US)
Jennifer Longo: UP TO THIS POINTE (paperback): 3rd January 2017: Buy (US)
Katie McGarry: CHASING IMPOSSIBLE: 1st July 2016: Buy (US)
Kim Savage: AFTER THE WOODS (paperback): 21st February 2017: Buy (US)
Kim Savage: BEAUTIFUL BROKEN GIRLS: 21st February 2017: Buy (US)

7 New Covers (Destefano, Jones, Kittredge, Priest, Reisz, Roth, Rowland)

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[REVIEW] The Plague Carrier – Merrie Destefano

Merrie Destefano
The Plague Carrier
Merrie Destefano (US: 27th June 2012)
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Merrie Destefano’s The Plague Carrier may be advertised as post-apocalyptic, but think it’s more post-war. Actually, the war is still kind of continuing. A Civil War has divided USA into the East (of the Mississippi) and the West. Anna is in the West, but wants to get to the East. But she’s currently a slave, a Cleaner who pries valuables from corpses.

A boy arrives in the settlement searching for his birth father, but he won’t do it alone. He has the perfect bargaining tool: the plague in a flask hanging from his neck. This is biological warfare just waiting to happen.

The setting/world-building is intriguing, and I’d like to know how it came to be.

6 New Covers (Cremer, Destefano, Forster, Kittredge, Kristoff, Marr)

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Authors, Genre Cats & Servals

Readers, I’ve forgotten to post some stuff on the blog! Let’s play catch-up.

A few months ago I started Genre Cats, a Tumblr dedicated to authors photographed with their cats. All photos are submitted by the authors, not just random stuff found on the Internet. Authors include M. J. Scott, Kate Gordon, Teri Hall, Marissa Meyer, Jeff Hirsch, Gretchen Hirsch, Laura Bickle/Alayna Williams, Merrie Destefano and Mike Mullin. Authors, would you and your cats like to be featured on Genre Cats? Here‘s how😉

I went to Werribee Open Range Zoo for my birthday treat. The highlight was of course the African Cat Encounter, which was $70 to meet the zoo’s servals, learn about them, and watch them train. You can see my photos of various animals on Facebook.

I saw The Hives at The Palace as a second birthday treat. They played three new songs, and some old favourites. They’re the best band to see live, with such elegant attire, quirky humour, and high-energy songs🙂

And just this Thursday, I met author Maria V. Snyder at the Target Centre🙂

13 New Covers

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