I Am Citizen Snips

My Reading Wishlist is much slimmer. A lot of readers talk about how they have so much stuff on their Wishlist, but they say it with a giggle. They don’t mean to change their ways.

But I’m list-obsessive, and can be quite stubborn. Especially when it comes to my reading tastes, and not every novel’s summary appeals to me on the same level. So I’ve snipped the ones that didn’t enthuse me at the time of snipping. Nothing against the authors themselves. In some cases, I’ve kept one series by an author, but have cut that author’s other series.

So if you notice that a particular novel isn’t on my Wishlist:

-I may have already read it.
-I haven’t heard of it.
-I tried to read it, but didn’t finish.
-The summary doesn’t enthuse me at this time.

What does this mean for YOU? My monthly release summaries will be a lot shorter, but packed with only the very finest (in my opinion).

Also, some of the books I’ve cut are ones that I bought, so they’ll be needing new homes. No give-away; I’m too poor for that. But if you’re willing to pay postage, then you could become the proud new owner of these fancies.


2 responses to “I Am Citizen Snips

  1. *grin* How pathetic am I that I checked to see if TIW is still on your wishlist for next year…

    Haha… <—nervous laughter

    *runs away*


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