4 New Deals (Lu, Pearce, Savage, Tims)

Marie Lu‘s The Young Elites trilogy to Putnam Books for Young Readers (World Rights), for publication starting in 2014. Set in a “Renaissance-like world”, it follows three rival societies with supernatural powers battling for supremacy.

Jackson Pearce‘s middle-grade The Doublecross (And Other Skills I Learned as a Super Spy) to Bloomsbury (World Rights) in a two-book deal. Publication set for 2015. Hale Jordan is the big-boned child of two spy parents, and is often overlooked by his spy-school classmates. But when his parents are kidnapped, he might be the only one (with a little help from his younger sister) who can save the day.

Kim Savage‘s After the Woods (2015) in a two-book deal to Farrar, Straus and Giroux (World English). A psychological thriller about two friends in the aftermath of an abduction, where one risked her life to save the other and spent a night in the woods she wants to forget. Now, nearly a year later, a girl’s body is found, and dark secrets are tearing the best friends apart.

Laura TimsPlease Don’t Tell (2015) in a two-book deal to HarperCollins (NA). The YA contemporary thriller follows a girl who seeks revenge on the boy who ruined her sister’s life, but who finds herself falling for the one guy who’s off limits, and is blackmailed by a stalker who knows her secret.

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