5 New Deals (Kava, Langager, Na, Campbell Powell, Sirowy)

Alex Kava‘s next four thrillers. Two books featuring recurring character Special Agent Maggie O’Dell, and two books featuring a new character, ex-Marine Ryder Creed, and his K9 Search and Rescue dogs.

Marie Langager‘s Haven to Bloomsbury Spark, as part of their launch. A seventeen-year-old girl’s dying ship has landed on an unexpectedly inhabited planet. She is marked by the Locals as a specimen for their grueling and dangerous tests, and is the only one who can determine whether they’re out to understand or destroy their uninvited guests.

An Na‘s The Middle Place to Atheneum (2015, North American rights). An existential exploration of the link between genetics and madness.

William Campbell Powell‘s Expiration Day, for publiction in April 2014. In a not-so-distant future, the decline of human fertility has resulted in android children who, on their eighteenth birthdays, are returned to the factory, no questions asked. But one girl wants to know more and fights to gain the answers she craves.

Alexandra Sirowy‘s The Creeping to Simon & Schuster (World Rights) in a two-book deal. Publication set for 2015. YA thriller. A girl vanished with her friend when they were both five, and was the only one who returned. Now, years later, she is beginning to recover memories from that time amid a wave of creepy events.

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