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Notes on Not-Reviewed Books: January 2014

I never read a book twice. It has only one chance. And my brain’s not good at retaining information – even with my favourite books, I struggle to remember the characters’ names.

These are the books I read in January that I didn’t review because I was too hot, or just couldn’t be stuffed. Let’s see if they’re memorable.

BEYOND OUR STARS by Marie Langager: Timeline’s rather jumpy at the start, rather than chronological, so takes a little while to figure out what’s happening. Interesting idea to tell a story from the aliens’ point of view. Hope’s a little too perfect. Kind of wonder if this novel is an allegory about asylum seekers. 3 stars.

CELESTE by V. C. Andrews: Perpetuates the stereotype that spiritualists are bonkers. Are there really ghosts, or shared delusions? Probably the former. Sarah Atwell is hella manipulative. Moral of the story: Parents play favourites, and chances are you’re not it. Still don’t get why Celeste has to assume Noble’s identity – is Sarah that screwed up that she can’t function without a male figure in her household? Is it rape between Elliott and Celeste, or forced seduction? The first time’s rape; not so sure about the other times. Why does Celeste just acquiesce to Sarah? Why doesn’t she tell anyone? 3 stars.

BROKEN FLOWER by V. C. Andrews: Precocious puberty is real, according to Wikipedia. For Jordan, it starts when she’s almost seven. The treatment is extremely vague in the book, though – must be a pill or something. Ian is hella creepy. 3 stars.

CLOUDBURST by V. C. Andrews: Family Storms really didn’t need a sequel, but here it is. Sasha is perfect, but she falls in love with a guy who’s more screwed up than she is. Kiera’s the most screwed up, though – she’s actually rather fascinating, especially near the end, and quite the plot catalyst. 3 stars.

ROXY’S STORY by V. C. Andrews: Good news: Less offensive than the other books in this series. Roxy actually has somewhat of a spunky personality, unlike the doormats who usually narrate VCA books. Anyway, it seems as though being an escort doesn’t mean being a prostitute – not for Roxy, anyway, but she could be a Special Snowflake (VCA heroines usually are). 3 stars.

BLACK CAT by V. C. Andrews: Better than “meh”. Sarah may have found love, but turns out she’s just manipulative. Things get much more interesting when Betsy hits town. Sarah thinks that if promiscuous Betsy becomes pregnant, she’ll stop being promiscuous. Think again! And you’ll never guess what she names her son… Meanwhile, “Baby Celeste” (Celeste’s daughter) is a spoiled Special Snowflake who’s perfect in every way…until she does something so terrible that even Celeste has to admit her daughter is hella creepy. Wonder how many bodies have been buried on their property over the decades… 4 stars.

SUBMIT TO DESIRE by Tiffany Reisz: Tiffany Reisz has an extraordinary talent: I actually like her characters’ love interests. Well, Soren and Kingsley, anyway. Here’s King’s time to shine. 4 stars.

FIGMENT by Jeri Smith-Ready: Charmed me immediately. Fig is so awesome! 4 stars.

THINNER THAN WATER by Saundra Mitchell: Impossible wishes are requested to prevent incest-rape. Only the requests aren’t impossible, because of magic. 3 stars.

SCATTERED LEAVES by V. C. Andrews: Strictness is usually the norm in VCA-world, but this time the seven-year-old has to guardian the elderly, which is an interesting subversion. Did Frances become how she is due to precocious puberty, or something else? Also, teenagers try to get a seven-year-old laid, which is all kinds of wrong. 4 stars.

SELL OUT by Jackson Pearce: Don’t let the title fool you. Interesting set-up, but I don’t understand why Emmett suddenly changed how he felt about Elise. 3 stars.

SECRETS IN THE SHADOWS by V. C. Andrews: Alice has shit taste in men. Her first boyfriend smokes weed whilst driving. Her second boyfriend lies majorly to Alice, and his reason is lame: he thought she wouldn’t like him if she couldn’t relate to him, so he made up stuff. And she forgives him! Totally not cool. 3 stars.

19th December 2013 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Marie Langager
Beyond Our Stars
Bloomsbury (US, UK & AU: 19th December 2013)
Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA)

Fleeing a destroyed Earth, seventeen-year-old orphan Hope grew up living in the confines of a spaceship heading to CR-3, a new home planet. She’s been kicking the steel walls for too long and ever since she broke her boyfriend’s heart, touchdown could mean open air and a fresh start. But no one expected the Locals. Hope’s dreams of freedom turn into nightmares when the Locals trap the humans and mark groups for observation. At any moment she can be called into a holographic observation room for testing. Some days she’s drowning in a strange dark ocean, some days she’s locked up without food, and all with the one boy she can’t seem to forget. As the Locals study Hope, she studies them. She wants to believe the tall grey creatures could be peaceful, but as the simulations become more dangerous, Hope is about to become the human race’s last chance for survival.

Now Available for US Pre-Order

Holly Black: THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN (paperback): 12th August 2014: Buy (US)
Jessica Brody: THE INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR: 14th January 2014: Buy (US)
Máire Claremont: A LADY UNDONE: 4th February 2014: Buy (AU)
Stephanie Diaz: EXTRACTION: 22nd July 2014: Buy (US)
Em Garner: CONTAMINATED (paperback): 2nd July 2014: Buy (US)
Em Garner: untitled 2nd CONTAMINATED novel: 26th August 2014: Buy (US)
Megan Hart: EVERY PART OF YOU (paperback): 1st September 2014: Buy (US)
Kristi Helvig: BURN OUT: 8th April 2014: Buy (US)
Jessa Holbrook: WHILE YOU’RE AWAY (paperback): 20th May 2014: Buy (US)
Darynda Jones: SIXTH GRAVE ON THE EDGE (paperback): 26th August 2014: Buy (US)
Marie Langager: BEYOND OUR STARS: 19th December 2013: Buy (US)
Richelle Mead: SILVER SHADOWS: 29th July 2014: Buy (US)
Kass Morgan: THE 100 (paperback): 5th August 2014: Buy (US)
Lisa Ann O’Kane: ESSENCE: 3rd June 2014: Buy (US)
Amy Christine Parker: GATED (paperback): 27th May 2014: Buy (US)
Amy Christine Parker: ASTRAY: 26th August 2014: Buy (US)
Madeleine Roux: SANCTUM: 26th August 2014: Buy (US)

December 2013 Releases

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12 New Covers (Cantor, Hart & Morgan, Healey, Helvig, Henry, Hoover, Kenner, Koch, Langager, Mead, Shepherd, Turner)

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5 New Deals (Kava, Langager, Na, Campbell Powell, Sirowy)

Alex Kava‘s next four thrillers. Two books featuring recurring character Special Agent Maggie O’Dell, and two books featuring a new character, ex-Marine Ryder Creed, and his K9 Search and Rescue dogs.

Marie Langager‘s Haven to Bloomsbury Spark, as part of their launch. A seventeen-year-old girl’s dying ship has landed on an unexpectedly inhabited planet. She is marked by the Locals as a specimen for their grueling and dangerous tests, and is the only one who can determine whether they’re out to understand or destroy their uninvited guests.

An Na‘s The Middle Place to Atheneum (2015, North American rights). An existential exploration of the link between genetics and madness.

William Campbell Powell‘s Expiration Day, for publiction in April 2014. In a not-so-distant future, the decline of human fertility has resulted in android children who, on their eighteenth birthdays, are returned to the factory, no questions asked. But one girl wants to know more and fights to gain the answers she craves.

Alexandra Sirowy‘s The Creeping to Simon & Schuster (World Rights) in a two-book deal. Publication set for 2015. YA thriller. A girl vanished with her friend when they were both five, and was the only one who returned. Now, years later, she is beginning to recover memories from that time amid a wave of creepy events.