“Creative” Plans for 2021

I posted this in a comment on Jenny Trout’s blog. May as well share it here, too.


Speaking of blogging, got a rude awakening when I tried to post of my own blog last month – WordPress have changed their settings, and I can’t find out to add categories to my posts, and the tags don’t seem to be showing up, and I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!

(Mind you, I only have the free edition of WP – presumably things are easy to find and change for the paid people.)

Anyhoo, if anyone has WP tech advice, my inbox is always open.

Also I need to figure out how to subscribe to people’s blogs via email, since I gave up on feed-readers after Google Reader (or whatever it was called) was discontinued. And not every Facebook page/profile has a notification option. Only way I’m finding things out (since I don’t have time to scroll FB and Twitter) is via author newsletters/alert-emails and my own Amazon searches.

I have no creative urges anymore (just reading your list of hobbies exhausts me), but I’d like to rediscover the love of reading. I read two five-star books in a row in…October when my area opened (I remember this because I stood in line for a haircut for over 45 minutes, and finished the second of my five-star reads). Since then, I have a bedroom full of unread books, including library books, and a laptop full of eBooks, and just can’t summon up enthusiasm or energy to read anything. Minus the two short stories I read when the wi-fi was out. And I managed two sessions of bathtime reading of a non-fiction book (which is easy to pick up after I haven’t touched it for awhile, because I don’t need to remember what happened earlier in the book).

Also, book promotion. It’s where I get my book budget (Amazon Associates credits), and the money only goes toward buying more eBooks that I may or may not read but I own them anyway. I’m currently on a Kindle Unlimited free-trial, so I may consider buying a subscription, even though they’re like $10 a month, but in order to afford that, I need to earn more Amazon Associates credits.

I usually donate books to the parish/school fete, but the event didn’t happen this year. So I guess I better try to list everything on eBay, or be more proactive about finding a book-swap group, or somewhere I can sell my books second-hand. (Anyone in VIC, Australia, with leads – please contact me!)

Anyway, that’s as far as my “creative plans for 2021” go. Other than that, just taking one day at a time. I have a lot of personal stuff to deal with.

Thanks for providing comment space for me to brain-dump!

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