[REVIEW] The Walls – Hollie Overton

Hollie Overton
The Walls
Hachette Redhook (US: 10th April 2018); Penguin Arrow (UK: 26th July 2018; AU: 15th August 2018)
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WARNING: Domestic violence.

Interesting to read about what it’s like to be a prison public liaison officer. Why aren’t more of them in crime fiction?

It’s sad watching Kristy Tucker’s journey from a strong single mother to a defeated spouse. But as she finds her feet again, we cheer her on. Her friendship with an inmate may seem strange, but he ultimately is her biggest supporter. She can handle abuse happening to her, but when her father and her son are threatened she knows life needs to change for the better. Her action plan may not be ideal, but realistically it’s the only way to prevent Lance from harming Kristy’s loved ones.

Hollie Overton’s debut novel, Baby Doll, had a great concept with uneven execution. But this sophomore novel gets things right, and it’s so rewarding to watch an author improve.

One response to “[REVIEW] The Walls – Hollie Overton

  1. Oooh, awesome! I love when you can see an author growing and improving.

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