[REVIEW] Love Is the Drug – Alaya Dawn Johnson

[NOTE: I originally posted this review on Speculative Chic]

Alaya Dawn Johnson
Love Is the Drug
Scholastic Arthur A. Levine (US & CA: 30th September 2014)
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Emily Bird is a scholarship student in a prestigious DC school, but her future is uncertain when she awakes in the hospital unable to remember why she’s there. But there’s more trouble to come: a deadly virus is spreading, putting the school in lockdown, and a Homeland Security agent is far too close for comfort. Bird’s only solace is the school’s conspiracy theorist and resident drug-dealer as they investigate what’s happening around them. But there are those who’d rather Bird NOT remember what she knows…

Love Is the Drug is like Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Fixer meets Malinda Lo’s Adaptation. I so hope Alaya Dawn Johnson writes more young adult novels, because this one and The Summer Prince are great reads. I particularly like her use of settings, which are thoroughly explored.

3 responses to “[REVIEW] Love Is the Drug – Alaya Dawn Johnson

  1. Always good to see an author using setting well. Does this book have a lot of the angst that is common in many YA novels?

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