[REVIEW] The Invisible – Amelia Kahaney

Amelia Kahaney
The Invisible (The Brokenhearted, Book 2)
HarperCollins (US & CA: 8th September 2015; AU: 21st September 2015; UK: 8th October 2015)
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NOTE: I first published this on Speculative Chic.

Amelia Kahaney’s The Invisible does what you hope all sequels will do: improve upon the predecessor. If The Brokenhearted is the origin story, then The Invisible is where the series-proper starts. (Unfortunately, a third novel wasn’t contracted.)

Anthem Fleet’s chimerical heart and ballet skills are well needed to defeat The Invisible, a secret organisation kidnapping children from rich families in order to raise money for the poor part of Bedlam. The wealthy side of town was built to literally raise them above the damaged side, so that flooding wouldn’t inconvenience the cashed-up.

The Invisible sees Anthem confronting her own economic privilege. The well-off have to actually lose something, such as a child, before they’ll consider donating half their fortune to aid worthy causes low down.

Amelia Kahaney writes The Invisible with stunning imagery. The scene where Anthem watches skyscrapers collapse, not knowing if her Tower will fall next, is genuinely thrilling.

I was surprised to discover that I’d rated the first book in the series only two stars. The Invisible is worth double that.


2 responses to “[REVIEW] The Invisible – Amelia Kahaney

  1. This sounds fascinating! I don’t think I’d heard of this series before, so now I need to go look them up.

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