[REVIEW] The Diviners – Libba Bray

Libba Bray
The Diviners
Hachette Little, Brown (US & UK: 18th September 2012); Allen & Unwin (AU: 1st November 2012)
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Most Goodreads users who’ve read this rated it five stars. I’ve rated it…fewer. I’m in the minority.

Put simply: The Diviners is so obsessed with its own coolness that it only really connects when it gets over itself. Oh, we’re all so glamorous and sassy having gumshoe adventures and psychic abilities, waiting for the world to love us, and when it does milking it for all its worth. My word, Evie is a tosser! And that bit at the end where all the journos are gathered around, photographing her, keep calling her beautiful… Just a big pile of wank!

Memphis Campbell, however, is much more down to earth, and even Evie’s mate Mabel has a decent head on her shoulders. But basically the entire novel is a whole bunch of elements that are style over substance, and thus it just doesn’t work for me. I’m still interested to find out what happens next, but won’t be too upset if I miss it.

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