[REVIEW] A Long, Long Sleep – Anna Sheehan

Anna Sheehan
A Long, Long Sleep
Candlewick (US: August 2011); Hachette Orion Gollancz (UK: August 2011; AU: October 2011)
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I’ve had this on my wishlist since its deal announcement in 2010 (think that was the year). A futuristic involving stasis seemed perfect. Of course, I was more into cryonics, but nevertheless…

Anna Sheehan’s A Long, Long Sleep more than lives up to its premise, and is even more awesome than the summary suggests. The world-building is brilliant, the psychology engaging, the plot intriguing…I love it all! What’s more, the author makes the science and technology understandable for eejits such as me. And perhaps best of all, there’s no romance. There’s relationship drama involving past and perhaps future loves, but Rose starts and ends the novel single. Most novels seem to insinuate that life without romantic love isn’t worth living, so A Long, Long Sleep is a refreshing change, and relatable for us single people out here. (Yes, we do exist.)

If you haven’t already read this, get on it. The UK will re-release it this year, if you want a less expensive edition. Either way, the author’s next novel (of which I unfortunately know nothing about) is due for publication circa August this year, and I am pumped, so excited to see what else this clever author has in store for us.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] A Long, Long Sleep – Anna Sheehan

  1. Jessica Spotswood

    Yay, I loved this book too. I really enjoyed the gradual reveal of her life with her parents, and her friendship with Otto.

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