[REVIEW] Bad to the Bone – Jeri Smith-Ready

Jeri Smith-Ready
Bad to the Bone (WVMP Radio, Book 2)
Simon & Schuster Pocket (US & CA: 16th May 2009)
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The only radio station with real vampires pretending to be real vampires returns for a second adventure in Jeri Smith-Ready’s Bad to the Bone.

When misogynists hijack WVMP Radio’s broadcasts, the station staff investigates, and finds a vampire dog tied to a cross and due to die when the sun rises. So who’s behind the Family Action Network, the Fortress, the Citadel, and who really is or isn’t part of the Control? And what does any of this have to do with she of the human anti-holy blood, Ciara Griffin?

Like the masses of bloodsucker books of late, this series does skew to romance, and the love interest is a brooding sort who lacks a sense of humour. A pretentious snob, Shane is also quite the bitch. Within the walls of the station is a blood-written – I’m not kidding – sign, stating: Absolutely No Foo Fighters. I don’t have any of the band’s songs, but “The Pretender” is particularly awesome, and it’s a shame that Shane won’t admit that. Also: He cringes as he examines it. “Def Leppard. Poison. Warrant…” That’s right, readers; he just dissed my happy music! The songs that make me smile when I’m feeling low. Because Shane doesn’t want me to be happy. He doesn’t want you to be happy, either. He’s such a buzz-killing feckwit that…well, I just don’t like him. But a strong negative reaction like mine is better than a meh reaction, right?

But though Shane is a nob, his author clearly has more humour that she lends to other characters: “Being a vampire is not like being from Finland…They’re metaphysically different creatures.” Other redeeming features include David (‘nough said), and some really creepy scenes that don’t include him.

There is, however, a particularly suitable song overlooked for the book’s official playlist. When the protagonist’s surname is Griffin, and the FCC plays a sizeable role in the plot…it’s kind of disgraceful that “The Freaking FCC” song from Family Guy is absent 😉

Still, less cliché and more originality make Jeri Smith-Ready’s Bad to the Bone a unique read.

3 responses to “[REVIEW] Bad to the Bone – Jeri Smith-Ready

  1. I’m really loving the cover for some reason and this is a really great review. I like the fact that it’s more unique than what’s already out there in the book world. Thanks Tez!

  2. ROFL. I’m in the midst of reading this one now. Will have to pay attention to Shane’s tastes.

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