Fangs, Fur & Fey World-building Podcast

“Podcast” probably isn’t the proper term, because I didn’t download it (just listened from the website this evening), but you can find it here.

I knew before I listened that I’d love Ilona Andrews’ accent, and I do 🙂

Turns out I’ve been pronouncing Cheyenne McCray’s name incorrectly in my mind. I thought it was like Shane, but it’s actually like Shy-ann. I feel the need to apologise, even though I’ve never said her name aloud. Sorry, Cheyenne.

Since it was about world-building, I was particularly looking forward to hearing Jordan Summers. Just hearing the term “transgenic research” makes me want to read the Dead World series all the more. And when sunlight hits her vampires, they turn into “human shrapnel”. Just that term invokes vivid imagery…wow.

I was glad to hear that Kathryn Smith has a character, Marcus, who basically snarks at the vampires’ theatrics, rolls his eyes. Which is totally what I’d do.

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