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Tez, Where You At?

This WordPress needs some personal faff. The REALLY personal faff is over at http://tezmillertm.livejournal.com Don’t post there often, but still. And thus my really personal Tweets are over at http://twitter.com/TezMillerTM

The creation of these accounts was sparked by a number of reasons, but most of all organisation. You know how obsessive I am with my book lists, and I’m trying to extend that to my other Internet activity. Basically I’m trying to cut down my Internet time, and the most effective way that I can see is to cut down on people’s blogs and Tweets. But I’m much more likely to read your blog than your Twitter, so be sure to keep your blog regularly updated with all the important shiz. Because after 40 pages of Following Tweets, Twitter stops showing anything earlier. Which means I’ve missed Tweets.

Did a big LJ cull yesterday. Once upon a time I followed every single Fangs, Fur & Fey member, even if their books didn’t sound like my thing. In case they later sell a novel that’s more my thing. But it is a timesink. Maybe this reorganisation is also a timesink. The ones I cut weren’t following me anyway, so that’s no issue.

But I like reading LiveJournal a lot more than Twitter and Facebook. Quality, rather than quantity. As for writing, I’m much more of a Twitterer. Because my thoughts are short shiz. And if I blogged daily, it would mostly be What Grinds My Gears, because a lot of things piss me off on a daily basis. The Internet probably doesn’t need any more bitching. There’s a feck of a load already.

Also, I’ve been thinking of getting back to writing, but it’s been two or more years, and I have no self-confidence in my abilities, even armed with new knowledge. I could really do with a mentor. One that I don’t have to pay with the money. Like I can’t join RWA, because I don’t have the money. Like I won’t be attending AussieCon4, even though it’s in my Melbourne, because I don’t have the money. But I’ve chosen a setting, and have been researching the hell out of it (have spent hours on Google Maps), and I’ve posted some stuff about that over at http://tezmillertm.livejournal.com

Any questions? Any requests for blog topics? Want me to guest-blog for you? Let’s talk.

Stay cool, and have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

Kelley Armstrong, Blog Visitors & WordPress

So after hearing of her new paranormal YA trilogy sale, I asked Kelley Armstrong if she could share any details. Here’s the reply:

I would tell you something…if I had anything to tell :lol The conversation went something like this…

Agent: HarperCollins would like to buy three more books from you
Me: Chloe books?
Agent: Not necessarily.
Me: Darkest Powers books?
Agent: Not necessarily.
Me: So…just three more young adult books, presumably with a supernatural element?
Agent: Yep.
Me: Cool.

So, right now, I have no idea what they’ll be. They could be more Chloe. They could be Darkest Powers with other narrators. They could be a whole new trilogy. In the current economic climate, I’m just really glad to have a contract, and having such an open-ended one is wonderful and I really appreciate the vote of confidence from HarperCollins.

As for the other markets, the US offer came in unsolicited–meaning they made the offer, we weren’t asking for it. So Canada and the UK have been informed and I’m sure I’ll hear their response shortly. But both those publishers just finished giving me generous contracts for the Otherworld books, so I’m willing to be quite patient on this one (their accounting departments may not want to hear the words “new Kelley Armstrong contract” for a while πŸ™‚ )

You may have noticed that yesterday I added a SiteMeter thing to the bottom of my posts. Because while I love WordPress’ stats, they don’t tell me whereabouts in the world my blog visitors are. SiteMeter does. Judging from yesterday’s stats, most of my visitors were from the US (with California and Texas being the most numerous). Then there were some hits from Australia, the UK and Canada, with some extra folk in Germany, Malta and India. However, I don’t know how many of these visitors are regulars here, or if they just typed stuff into Google. Anyway, you’re all welcome here any time πŸ™‚

Dear WordPress,

Dude, what the F? On my Incoming Links section, the titles…you’ve replaced the capitals with lower-case. THAT EFFING PISSES ME OFF! I don’t like that; it looks like the person was too lazy/stupid to type correctly. I may be lazy and stupid, but not when it comes to basic typing skills, damn you!


Tezzy Dear

Translation: “dude, what the f? on my incoming links section…”

Site Meter

Because We Could All Do with a LOL

This is not my cat, and not my photo. But it is my LOL – after all, how could I see this image and not LOL it?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all ran out of dance.

Oh, and the photo was blurred before I got to it, so I wasn’t deliberately trying to conceal the cat’s identity. Just so you know.

To the person who typed tez miller arrc into Google to get to my WordPress – say hello πŸ™‚ I haven’t booked my ticket yet (signing session tickets don’t go on sale until November), but drop me a message here.

“Peter, what are you doing to my ear?!”

Jordan Summers
Red (Dead World, Book 1 – Mass Market Paperback)
Tor (US: 4th November 2008)

War is brewing in a near-future world where murder is all but unheard of and the existence of creatures known as the Others has yet to be proven. In the end, one woman will face her fears to stand and fight. Gina Santiago is a member of an elite tactical team in charge of protecting the world. She’s devoted her life to apprehending the most heinous criminals that prey on society – and now she’s after the worst one yet. On her own, with no backup, the trail takes her to a dusty, tight-knit town on the fringes of society, where everyone’s a suspect. Even the sexy sheriff, Morgan Hunter, isn’t telling her everything. The closer Gina comes to finding out the secret of this sleepy little town and its big, bad sheriff, the more scared she gets – because she’s beginning to realise that she has a secret, too. A secret that will change her life…and make her the killer’s next prey.

This sounds terrific – me want! And there are sequels coming: Scarlet in June 2009, and Crimson in June 2009. Yay for futuristic fiction!

Speaking of which (from Leah Hultenschmidt):

AMY RENCH – Fallen Rogue, a debut novel for the SHOMI line about an Olympic swimmer whose athletic dreams are dashed when she’s accidentally injected with a top-secret serum that suddenly gives her psi powers. Now the only man she can trust is the one who’s been sent to eliminate her. Coming in Fall 2009.

Fall = September/October/November. Anyway, I’d love to get in touch with Amy Rench, but I can’t seem to find her on the Internet. But I’ve seen a photo of her with Michele Lang and Michelle Rowen/Maddox, so hopefully those ladies – or you, dear reader – will be able to find Amy for me. Just send her to https://tezmilleroz.wordpress.com and tell her to drop me a line. Please, and thank you if you can help.

You know how I get particularly silly just before bedtime? Happened again last night. I was watching the Bring Me My Hookah! gals chat about promise rings, which made me recall a particular Family Guy episode. So my brain kept giggling with the line, “Peter, what are you doing to my ear?!” Oh well, at least I went to sleep with laughs πŸ™‚

What someone typed into Google to get to my WordPress: What to do with an angry inner child. Sorry, dude; can’t help you – I haven’t got my own angry inner child under control yet πŸ˜‰

Unimpressed Cat

20-second clip of Manny. The camera doesn’t like his white bits, kind of blinding. He doesn’t stay still, and he’s not impressed. You can see the same clip on Vimeo and Blip.

These are just some of the photos I took today. Manny’s with stuff by Kim Harrison, Vicki Pettersson, Charlie Huston, Kat Richardson and Megan Hart – they’re all here. Unfortunately he’s not very impressed with the books. Not my fault.

What someone typed into Google to get to my WordPress: watch kevin bacon’s vanilla ice impressi
I didn’t know Kevin Bacon did a Vanilla Ice impression. Learn something every day…

In Praise of GoogleReader

If you’re on LiveJournal, I’ve Friended and am Watching you. But if you use another blogging site, I keep up with your happenings via GoogleReader.

GoogleReader is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need help, ask someone else ’cause I’m not good at explaining stuff πŸ˜‰ First you’ll need a Gmail account – I think it’s still on an invitational basis, so let me know your current email addy, and I’ll send you an invite. And then:

http://google.com/reader – the left sidebar is the action zone. If you already know the URL of the blog you want to add (for example, https://tezmilleroz.wordpress.com), click on Add to Subscription, input the URL and off you go. If you’re trying to find someone, click on Discover and then Browse. Then enter keywords. Or you can click on Recommendations, which tries to figure out who you might like judging from your other subscriptions.

Does this make sense? Well, it’s past 10PM, and I’m running out of coherence, so this is the best I can do for now. GoogleReader is fab – it I get updated on blogs, but without any of it touching my email inbox.

What some of you may not like is that you can see the number of people who describe to any blog, but no names, emails or other info is given. This is good for subscribers, because it gives them privacy. But it’s a downside for nosy people who like to know who’s keeping an eye on you πŸ˜‰ I only have 9 WordPress subscribers, but I think most people read my LJ via LJ, and then click over when I post links. Anyway, you’re all fabulous πŸ™‚

Okay, now to figure out how to copy stuff from this mini-disc onto a regular-sized CD…

LOLcat & WordPress

Original photo. Suzy decided to claim her owner Nicole’s laptop, and thus she inspired this LOLcat.

Mega-thanks to everyone who visited my WordPress yesterday (Tuesday 8th July). You gave me my highest page visits in one day: 223. Considering the previous best was 177, this was quite a jump. Here were the most visited pages:

August 2008 Releases
[REVIEW] Even for Me – Taryn Blackthorne
July 2008 Releases
Reading Wishlist
[COVER ART] Witch Heart – Anya Bast
Cat with Books, Manny, WordPress & Tokyo

Sneezy me has to walk through muddy paddock again now.

Cat with Books, Manny, WordPress & Tokyo

(Larger versions at Flickr.) Here’s Manny with Mari Mancusi’s Boys that Bite, Laura Anne Gilman’s Staying Dead, Jeff Somers’ The Digital Plague and Chris Howard’s Seaborn.

I’m really excited to have The Digital Plague, in particular. It’s actually Book 2 in a series, and I haven’t read Book 1, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to keep up. It’s a futuristic, so it’s exactly what I’m interested in reading, and I think I’ll enjoy it. And judging from his blog, the author’s a funny bugger, so that’s extra credit. Anyway, if you know someone who has a copy of The Electric Church that needs a home, tell them to contact me.

You’ll have to forgive Manny’s lack of enthusiasm – he had to visit the vet today. Da-da-DA! But there’s good news – he’s fine! His teeth have plaque, but that’s the worst thing. Even his vomiting once a fortnight is not an issue – it’s because he bolts his food down and eats who knows what else outside. Was told he has a nice coat, and that he’s a good weight – “slim” I remember her saying. Not only that, but the vet said, “His name reminds me of the Black Books character.” Which is a fair thing to say, because I named him after Bill Bailey’s character. Perhaps I should’ve named him after the landlord cat, Mr Benson…

Thanks to everyone who visited my WordPress yesterday (Sunday 6th July) – you gave me the highest amount of page views I’ve received in one day: 177. That may be little bickies to some people, but it’s big to me, and much appreciated. Here’s hoping you find reasons to return.

I leave you with this short video Liz Maverick took in the Kiddyland store in Tokyo. Not sure why anyone would want to buy that particular toy dog, except as a joke gift…

Happy Birthday, Mario Acevedo; Meme & Links

It’s July 6th – Mario Acevedo’s birthday. He’s a top bloke who shares the Biting Edge blog with Jeanne C. Stein – what I love about it is they blog about stuff that others aren’t blogging about. Anyway, give Mar (can I call you Mars?) the gift of royalties by buying/pre-ordering his works:

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
X-Rated Bloodsuckers
The Undead Kama Sutra
Jailbait Zombie

Because Leah tagged me:

1. I hate the color…yellow
2. I hate the TV show…Mark Loves Sharon (haven’t seen it, but it looks like the biggest pile of wank)
3. I hate the taste of…fresh fish (though canned tuna, crabmeat and whatever’s in fish fingers are still fine)
4. I hate the smell of…fish
5. I hate the word…shizzle
6. I hate the sound of…the kids next door
7. I hate the song…“Soulja Boy”

Oh, and I’ve added more links to my WordPress‘s sidebar. If you want to do a link exchange, I’d be happy to participate.

Your Say

I often undertake long, repetitive tasks. And I’m an obsessive list-maker. This means I spend a lot of time doing stuff that most people usually wouldn’t bother. But hopefully the things I do can benefit you.

My latest obsessive task is organising and setting up more links on my WordPress, which at times is more of a website than a blog for me. You’ll notice on the right sidebar people divided into categories. (Authors, Reviewers, Publishers. Please note that I’ve only listed the authors and publishers who’ve given me ARCs or finished copies. And the reviewers are those who’ve linked to my site – or write for, in the case of Flames Rising.)

I’ve also decided to make use of Amazon Associates and have linked to books I’ve reviewed, and books I want to read that I don’t own. (I specify that, because I have unread books on my shelf that I hope to get to ASAP. I’ve just got four library books to read first.) Please note that it doesn’t include every single title – but shows the ones I really want and are listed on Amazon.

So now it’s your turn to suggest other things I could do, or what you’d like to see. Or what you’d like to see less of. More book reviews and author interviews? More promo without reviews or interviews? More/less cover art? More obsessive lists (please specify)? Less/more Manny with/without books? More daily life and less book stuff?

Also, it’s kind of a pain in the arse to keep updating four blogs. I’m thinking of cutting my MySpace and BlogSpot (just keep them for reading other people’s stuff), and making my WordPress for book stuff, and my LiveJournal for personal stuff. But before I do any of that, please let me know which of my blogs you primarily read.

And I’d like some technical assistance, if you can help. You know how on some people’s LJ entries it says: “Originally posted at [blank]. You may comment here or there”? I want to do that. But how? Does it involve importing, exporting, clients, paid accounts? I’ve tried to read the info at LJ and WordPress, but it’s just not making sense to my tiny brain.

Also, let me know if you’ve linked to my WordPress, so I can link to your website. Thanks, y’all.

Now for what I won’t do. Contests and giveaways aren’t possible right now because of my financial situation. And I won’t report news that other people have reported, and I won’t link to other people’s reviews and such, because I really want to concentrate on my own content. And there’s no point linking to all that stuff, when other people do that on their blogs. I figure people come to me because of something I may have that others may not. Willing to be honest? Lively personality (when I’m in a decent mood, that is)? What keeps you coming back to my blog when you could easily unsubscribe?

Okay, enough self-indulgent fishing for compliments. Just a quick reminder that since it’s nearing the end of the month/beginning of the next, a lot of book releases are afoot. Be sure to check May 2008 Releases and June 2008 Releases for anything you may have forgotten. For an extensive list of all the books I want to read from the past, present and future, check my Reading Wishlist. I alter it slightly almost daily with new release dates and titles, as well as deleting titles I’ve already read.

If you can’t tell by my blathering, it’s close to bedtime. Sleep well, y’all!

P.S. Yes, I have noticed my tendency of saying “y’all” a lot recently. I’m not going Southern; just expanding my vocabulary πŸ˜‰