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31st October 2012 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Mira Grant [Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Lauren K. Cannon]
When Will You Rise? (Anthology)
Subterranean (US: 31st October 2012)
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The end of the world has to start somewhere. In the summer of 2014, two scientific breakthroughs – one, a cure for cancer, the other, a cure for the common cold – seemed certain to change the future of mankind forever. What no one could have guessed was that these miraculous advancements would change humanity’s future by nearly bringing it to an end. Countdown is the first novella set in the world of Feed, and tracks the early days of the Rising, from well-meaning medical research to the dead beginning to walk. Meet the accidental creators of the zombie apocalypse, and ask yourself for the first time: When will you Rise? A Mira Grant short story, Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box, is also included. It’s the chronicle of a high school game turned deadly, the things we do for friendship, and the true cost of learning things man wasn’t meant to know.

October 2012 Releases

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11 New Covers (Armstrong, Brewer, Clifford, Coley, Cremer, Driza, Grant, Hathaway, Lang, Marr, Rossi)

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