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June 2021 Releases

Better late than never, right? So here are some books you may have missed, released June 2021. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Keri Arthur: Blackbird Crowned: Buy
Janet Edwards: Hestia 2781: Buy
Nicci French: What to Do When Someone Dies: Buy
Zakiya Dalila Harris: The Other Black Girl: Buy
Kim Harrison: Million Dollar Demon: Buy
Karen Ann Hopkins: Wicked Legacy: Buy
Karen Ann Hopkins: Blood Rock: Buy
Carrie Jones: The People Who Kill: Buy
L. A. Larkin: Widow’s Island: Buy
Phoebe North: Strange Creatures: Buy
Andrew Shaffer: Look Mom I’m a Poet (and So is My Cat): Buy
Maria V. Snyder: The City of Zirdai: Buy