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It’s Tezzy, Bitch

The webcam’s cover was covering the lens. I discovered this by accident. When I removed the cover, suddenly I had visuals. Problem: blurry, and I don’t know how to fix that. I’ve tried Face Tracking, ramping up the Sharpness…and I don’t know where to go from here.

So I sound atrocious, make several speech mistakes, but I couldn’t be bothered starting again.

Once they finish converting, the same file will also be on Vimeo and Blip.

Adventures in Webcam Land

So I have two computers – one in the back room, and one where I am now. I usually use the back room one, which is actually a laptop with a PC monitor (because the laptop screen doesn’t work).

Anyway, only audio (for the webcam) is working in the back room. I think the laptop’s too old for the visual, or I don’t know.

As for this computer…the CD drive is sideways. Usually CDs go in fine. But the webcam installation CD is a mini. So it can’t stay up. I tried Blu-Tacking it to the tray, but the CD wouldn’t load. And only one bit of Blu-Tack came out. So there’s a tiny bit of Blu-Tack still somewhere in the PC. Uh-oh…

So I guess my plan is to find a CD burner on the laptop, copy the installation CD onto a normal-sized CD, and then see how it goes on the computer.

Oh, and I hate my voice. But at least you won’t have to see that I never wear make-up, and my hair needs washing now ๐Ÿ˜‰

But if you’re willing to risk hearing my awful voice with a not-so-slight speech impediment, send me a list of things you’d like me to pronounce. I’ll have to read from paper or the screen, because I’m not good talking off the top of my head, even if I have a general idea of what I want to say. I need specifics, y’all!

Oh, and I spotted another typo in what Shae calls my lol!webcam instructions: “Progams”. If only the company had hired me as a proofreader…

Anyway, I don’t feel like trying anymore today. Will perhaps try on Thursday. Stay tuned…

Melbourne Writers’ Festival, Webcams & Reading Wishlist

Melbourne Writers’ Festival
The schedule for the MWF was released today. Though there are really only two authors I’m interested in seeing, I will say straight out that the Romance Writers of Australia’s conference could learn a lot from the MWF. I only wanted to attend one session/workshop (about 1 hour) of RWA, on a Sunday, and they expect you to pay for all of Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, not going to happen. I’ll try to catch Keri Arthur some other time, because there’s no way I’ll pay for two days’ worth of stuff when I only want to attend a one-hour thing. But if that’s the go in America, I don’t see how y’all can afford to attend so many cons.

SUNDAY 24 AUG: 1-2PM: Undercover with Robert Muchamore (BMW Edge: Free Event)
WEDNESDAY 27 AUG: 11:15AM-12PM: Rachel Cohn in Conversation (ACMI Cinema 1)

Rachel Cohn’s one is actually part of the schools programme, so I’ll have to investigate to see if non-student me is allowed to attend, and what the price is. Students get to pay $6. I have a concession card; would that get me a discount? ๐Ÿ˜‰

A free event with Robert Muchamore? Count me in! Along with Alex Sanchez and Jacqueline Wilson, he’s one of my favourite writers of YA. The plots are great fun, but most of all the characters are so utterly believable. Which makes them less like characters and more like real people, which makes the writing all the more endearing. None of that Mary Sue/Gary Stu faff. Sure the characters are living the fantasy of being spies, but… If you haven’t read the CHERUB series, get to it.

Since the lovely Gwen/Faith Hunter requested, here’s the important stuff to know about webcams:

Is it compatible with your system? I have Windows 2000. Some webcams specify Windows XP or Vista. But the most common reason I saw for people selling their webcams on eBay is that they weren’t compatible with their Macs.

Does it come with a microphone, built-in or otherwise? If not, you’ll have to supply your own.

Does it come with an installation CD? No point buying the cam if it doesn’t have the necessary bits.

Does it come with an instruction manual? Hopefully with English instructions, and not just pictures. (I don’t know if IKEA and I will get along.) Because I’m afraid of screwing things up, I need to know what’s the right way, other than “not what you’re doing” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did a quick check on JB Hi-Fi, and they sell webcams for $40-60, or something like that. I’m not willing to spend that much, so I hit eBay. I made sure to tick the box so I only saw listings where the seller’s in Australia. (Just makes me feel safer.) My search function always lists from cheapest to most expensive, so I worked through the entries, making sure they listed what I needed to know, and asking if they didn’t. Added some to my Watch List, bid on one, and I won it on Friday: $16 including postage. The seller’s confirmed my payment and left feedback, so now I await the delivery, which’ll probably be on Monday. “Webcam 8 LED 1.3 Mega Pixels USB 2.0” – don’t ask me what the brand is; I don’t know.

Reading Wishlist
I’m slowly working through the list with Amazon.com and UK, and then I’ll hit the Australian publishers’ sites. Where I’ve listed two dates for one title is where Amazon and UK had different dates. Mind you, that doesn’t mean it’s published in both the US and UK – probably just pubbed in the US, and the UK lists when they’ll get it imported. I’m up to the F authors.


Just discovered I have Windows Movie Maker on the computer.

Anyway, I had a quick look at eBay (no bidding, I swear), and the webcams seem quite affordable. Don’t know which brand to go for, though. But if I already have the software, and webcams are that cheap, I could be in business…

One step at a time: I need advice on what webcam would be right for me. (And yes, I need one with a mic.)

Webcams on eBay