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October 2009 Releases

Done buying September 2009 Releases? Now time for October’s list, with books from the US, Canada, UK and Australia. As always, I don’t include anything – just the ones I’ve heard of and am interested in. Covers and release dates are subject to change, so if I’m wrong, blame my sources 😉

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[COVER ART] Thorn Queen (UK, AU) – Richelle Mead

UK and Australia cover art for Richelle Mead’s Thorn Queen.

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August 2009 Releases

Done buying July Releases? Now onto August – here are my choice picks from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. As always, I don’t list EVERYTHING in the UF or futuristic genres – I’ll leave that to other bloggers. Instead, I just choose the ones I think are worthy. And yes, I play favourites 😉 Keep an eye on Reading Wishlist for release dates further into the future.

No purchase links as yet for Melanie Nilles’s Starfire Angels or Lexxie Couper’s Death, the Vamp and His Brother, but keep an eye on the authors’ websites and blogs.

NOTE: I own Kat Richardson’s Underground, and Rachel Vincent’s Pride, but haven’t read them yet.

NOTE: I have reviewed Rachel Vincent’s My Soul to Take, and Tracey O’hara’s Night’s Cold Kiss.

All other books listed here I’d be happy to read and review. If you’re willing to post a hard copy out to me in Australia, send me an email.

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July 2009 Releases

Done ordering June 2009 Releases? Now for July 2009 Releases. As usual, US = USA; UK = UK; CA = Canada; AU = Australia. If the dates are wrong, blame the publishers, from where I got the information. The Book Depository in the UK has free worldwide shipping, so they are my new affiliate for your purchasing. For a list of future titles and release dates, check Reading Wishlist.

Behind the cut, July 2009 Releases…

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If You Shop US…

I’ve updated the Most Wanted page with some new (to me) links:

LIBBA BRAY – Going Bovine – 22 Sep 2009. Word on the street (Wikipedia) says it’s about mad cow disease. I’ve never read a book about mad cow disease, so this’ll be great fun 🙂

P. N. ELROD (ed.) – Strange Brew – 7 Jul 2009. Paranormal anthology. Jim Butcher is a definite contributor.

RICHELLE MEAD – Thorn Queen – 28 Jul 2009. Been listed on Amazon UK for a while, but here’s the US edition. Second Dark Swan novel.

[COVER ART] Thorn Queen (US) – Richelle Mead

US cover art for Richelle Mead’s Thorn Queen. Um, I don’t know much about anything everything geographical features, so is Eugenie standing on water or sand. Are castles usually surrounded by water or sand? And where is this scene supposed to be set? (Sorry, I haven’t got around to reading Storm Born yet.) I know I ask stupid questions, but if I don’t ask, I won’t learn 😉