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Persnickety Snark’s FIVE Challenge, Day 3: Great Series

Today, December 23, is the third day of Persnickety Snark’s FIVE Challenge, and today’s particular challenge is…Great Series!

Adele’s list may be YA only, but I’m including all age brackets. Oh, and these aren’t all published in 2010 – I just read them in 2010. Better late than never 😉

Anyhoo, here we are, counting down from 5 to 1 – yes, I do play favourites:

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[REVIEW] This World We Live In – Susan Beth Pfeffer

Susan Beth Pfeffer
This World We Live In (The Last Survivors, Book 3)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US: 1st April 2010); Scholastic (UK: 3rd May 2010)
Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

A year ago, the moon was pushed closer to the Earth, and since then the Evans family has been coping as best each can. Miranda’s eldest brother returns from a fishing trip with another mouth to feed: his new wife. And six more additions arrive, forcing the group to breaking point. With some deciding to move out, all should have extra space, but it also brings much more emotional turmoil. And just when everyone seems to have come to terms, one final disaster could prove to be the family’s ultimate undoing.

Definitely read Life As We Knew It beforehand, but The Dead and the Gone isn’t essential. I haven’t read the latter, but This World We Live In supplies enough information. Miranda has matured since we last read her journals, and is more affable for it. Even her new romance seems believable, and doesn’t make me cringe (YA romances usually do).

I binge-read this book in just a handful of hours, and I strongly suggest you do the same. The dramas, both interpersonal and meteorological, are riveting and cause compulsive reading. Whilst the religious aspect is annoying, it is an obstacle for the characters, one which they thankfully overcome – so I’ve forgiven its presence.

The Last Survivors trilogy is further proof that dystopian YA is producing the most fascinating and engrossing stories, by taking enormous external issues and making them extremely personal. Many thanks to author Susan Beth Pfeffer for her awesome contribution to the genre, and long live dystopian YA!

May 2010 Releases

Done with April 2010 Releases? Here are May 2010 Releases. To see further into the future, check Reading Wishlist.

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April 2010 Releases

Done with March 2010 Releases? Here are April 2010 Releases. To look into the future, check Reading Wishlist.

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YA Releases – 2010 & Beyond

C. A. Moulton called out for a list of 2010 & 2011 YA fantasy fiction, but my list here contains other YA subgenres, too 😉 These are only the ones with known release dates – those without are on my Reading Wishlist. Release dates can and probably will change in the lead-up to the books’ publication. Some are re-releases, international editions, etc. Of course, I don’t list every single book – only the ones that I’ve heard of and am interested in.

ANN AGUIRRE – Razorland – Dec 2010
KELLEY ARMSTRONG – The Reckoning – 27 Apr 2010/6 May 2010
JENNIFER LYNN BARNES – Raised by Wolves – 8 Jun 2010
HOLLY BLACK – White Cat – 4 May 2010/17 Jun 2010/1 May 2011
S. A. BODEEN – The Gardener – 25 May 2010
RACHEL CAINE – Kiss of Death – 3 May 2010/4 May 2010
KRISTIN CAST et al – Kisses from Hell – 8 Aug 2010
CASSANDRA CLARE – The Clockwork Angel – 1 Sep 2010/14 Sep 2010
ANDREA CREMER – Nightshade – 14 Oct 2010
HEATHER DAVIS – The Clearing – 15 Mar 2010/12 Apr 2010
KAT FALLS – Dark Life – 29 Apr 2010/1 May 2010
CATHERINE FISHER – Incarceron – 26 Jan 2010
BECCA FITZPATRICK – Crescendo – 2010
AMY GARVEY – Cold Kiss – 2011
TERI HALL – The Line – 4 Mar 2010/9 Mar 2010
STACEY JAY – Undead Much? – 21 Jan 2010/26 Jan 2010
STACEY JAY – My So-Called Death – 1 Mar 2010/1 Apr 2010
CARRIE JONES – Captivate – 5 Jan 2010/5 Apr 2010
KELLY KEATON – Darkness Becomes Her – 2011
JACKIE MORSE KESSLER – Hunger – 11 Aug 2010
KAREN KINCY – Other – 1 Jul 2010
GEMMA MALLEY – The Returners – 1 Feb 2010/2 Mar 2010
RICHELLE MEAD – Spirit Bound – 18 May 2010
JACKSON PEARCE – Sisters Red – 3 Jun 2010/7 Jun 2010
SUSAN BETH PFEFFER – This World We Live In – 4 Mar 2010/1 Apr 2010/3 May 2010
CARRIE RYAN – The Dead-Tossed Waves – 9 Mar 2010/8 Apr 2010/1 Mar 2011
JERI SMITH-READY – Shade – 4 May 2010/18 May 2010
MARIA V. SNYDER – Inside Out – 1 Apr 2010
LILI ST. CROW – Jealousy – 29 Jul 2010/3 Aug 2010
MAGGIE STIEFVATER – Linger – 20 Jul 2010
JESSICA VERDAY – The Haunted – 31 Aug 2010
ROBIN WASSERMAN – Wired – 14 Sep 2010

[COVER ART] Tara Kelly; Carrie Ryan; Lili St. Crow; Maria V. Snyder; Susan Beth Pfeffer; Anton Strout

6 new-to-me covers behind the cut. Since I don’t really read any book blogs anywhere, I apologise in advance if you’ve seen these elsewhere. And the books are:

Tara Kelly: Harmonic Feedback (US)
Carrie Ryan: The Dead-Tossed Waves (US) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Lili St. Crow: Betrayals (US) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Maria V. Snyder: Sea Glass (UK) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Susan Beth Pfeffer: This World We Live In (US) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Anton Strout: Dead Matter (US) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

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