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January 2012 Releases

Done with December 2011 Releases? Here are January 2012 Releases. To see future titles, check Reading Wishlist.

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8 New Covers (Aguirre, Arthur, Crewe, Kane, Keaton, Mahoney, McGuire, Roth)

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[REVIEW] The Way We Fall – Megan Crewe

Megan Crewe
The Way We Fall
Disney-Hyperion (US: 24th January 2012)
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Megan Crewe’s quiet, thoughtful second novel has the makings of a sleeper hit. The Way We Fall takes the diary style of Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It, chronicling teenager Kaelyn Weber’s day-to-life as one by one, her Canadian island succumbs to a virus that very nearly decimates the entire population. High action may be the norm for dystopians, but the lack of it here is refreshing, the story realistic enough to genuinely chill. Kaelyn is relatable, a narrator well worthy of cheering for. Ignore the hype of more publicised tales, and pick up The Way We Fall instead – it’ll sneak up on you in a good way.