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March 2011 Releases

Done with February 2011 Releases. Here are March’s. To see future titles and dates, check out Reading Wishlist.

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[REVIEW] The Vespertine – Saundra Mitchell

Saundra Mitchell
The Vespertine
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US: 7th March 2011)
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In the vespers, Amelia van den Broek can see flashes of the future. It’s a fabulous party trick in historical Baltimore, but only when it’s good news. When it’s bad news, Amelia doesn’t know if she should reveal what she sees. Some have specified they don’t want to know. But she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

Normally I’m not one for historicals unless they involve laudanum or asylums. The Vespertine has neither, but has all the hallmarks of a cracking good read: a friendly group of characters, witticism, danger and scandal. Add in the luxe time period featuring Fourteenths, dance cards and callers, and it forms a quality story that’ll leave readers wanting to know more – especially how long we have to wait until The Springsweet! Saundra Mitchell is an elegant writer who weaves great suspense.

4 New Covers (Metcalf, Mitchell, Rowen & Saintcrow)

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