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The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance – Trisha Telep (ed.)

Trisha Telep (ed.)
The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance
Constable & Robinson (UK: 29th October 2009); Perseus Running Press (US: 7th December 2009)
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This is not a review, on account of I didn’t read every story, and I skim-read some. In short, I wish my favourite stories were available for individual sale. Initially I tried to give every story a chance, but there’re only so many American-lady-in-historical-Scotland/Ireland stories that I can tolerate. The dialogue of those historical “rogues” is annoyingly written in dialect. I like Scottish and Irish accents, but I want to hear them – not read them. For better or worse, books are not the best format for accents – you need audio for that.

Gwyn Cready: The Key to Happiness “Besides, doesn’t everyone hate the White Stripes?” I have no problem with the White Stripes. I do, however, hate the music of My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Taylor Swift…

Sandy Blair: MacDuff’s Secret “Ye yank on coos, lads. Those with teats!” Ordinarily, dialect writing would majorly piss me off. However, at the time of reading, I was heat-frazzled, and desperate for humour – any humour. (By the way, “coos” translates to “cows”.)

Sara Mackenzie: Stepping Back Set in drought-ridden Victoria (my state), in which a reservoir is the time portal – pretty interesting.

Michelle Maddox: The Eleventh Hour I love the author’s Countdown novel, and I love this short story, too. Though Michelle Rowen has since retired her Maddox pseudonym, hopefully she’ll continue writing futuristics – she’s bloody good at them!

Holly Lisle: Last Thorsday Night This story contains some of my most-hated tropes (pun in the title, characters who are writers), but otherwise is well told.

Michele Lang: The Walled Garden My favourite of the anthology, though I didn’t really understand Mellon. But Mireya Rodriguez is easy to relate to, and memorable – a wonderful protag.

A. J. Menden: Future Date Is Serena here (secondary character) the same Serena from the Elite Hands of Justice series? I rather enjoyed the story, but the ending confused me – why couldn’t Herman stay in the present, so Ella wouldn’t have to leave?

Maureen McGowan: Lost and Found
Margo Maguire: Sexual Healing
Sandra Newgent: The Wild Card
Patrice Sarath: Pilot’s Forge
Jean Johnson: Saint James’ Way
Patti O’Shea: The Troll Bridge
Autumn Dawn: Iron and Hemlock
Cindy Miles: The Gloaming Hour
Michelle Willingham: A Wish to Build a Dream On
Colby Hodge: Time Trails
Madeline Baker: Catch the Lightning
Jean Johnson: Steam
Allie Mackay: Falling in Time

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[COVER ART] The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance – Trisha Telep (ed.)

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