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[REVIEW] The In-Between – Barbara Stewart

Barbara Stewart
The In-Between
Macmillan (AU: 1st November 2013; US: 5th November 2013; UK: 27th March 2014)
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Stumbled upon this on NetGalley. Summary appealed, so I requested and was granted permission. Thankfully, I finished it before it could expire.

Maybe because they share the same publisher, Barbara Stewart’s writing reminds me of Emily Murdoch’s, with their poetry. But while If You Find Me‘s Carey’s troubles were in the past, The In-Between‘s Ellie’s are just beginning. An attempted suicide, a tragic accident, and Ellie’s world changes. Are the happenings psychological or paranormal? Just when you think it’s the former, something’s revealed to signal the latter. The answer: a combination of both.

Although fourteen years old, Ellie seems more like sixteen. Do people still keep paper journals nowadays?

The In-Between is such a pleasant surprise, appealing to my dual loves of weird medical stuff and psychological suspense. A majestic stand-alone in a market full of series, Barbara Stewart has crafted such a welcome reprieve that I sped through eagerly.