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Rachel Caine in Melbourne & 4 New Deals (Despain, Fitzpatrick, Verday)

Rachel Caine came to Dymocks Melbourne on Wednesday 14th November. Mainly here to promote her latest Morganville Vampires release, Bitter Blood, but reportedly her Revivalist series is full of science, so I need to get on it!

Bree Despain‘s Into the Dark trilogy to Egmont (NA). A reimagining of the Persephone myth, delivered in duelling narratives. In the myth, Persephone (daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest) is kidnapped by Hades; here, one thread follows a character named Daphne (based on Persephone), while the other narrative follows Haden (standing in for Hades). The first book in the series is scheduled for 2014.

Becca Fitzpatrick‘s Hush, Hush series optioned to LD Entertainment.

Jessica Verday‘s untitled stand-alone spinoff from her The Hollow series to Simon Pulse (NA) for publication in 2013. Featuring Cyn and Avian, one of the original Revenants.

Jessica Verday‘s Of Monsters and Madness to Egmont for publication in 2014. A series of romantic YA Gothic thrillers inspired by The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. As told by Annabel Lee, a young girl who moves to Philadelphia in 1826 to live with her father, and discovers that he may be implicated in a series of murders across the city, and only she can prove his innocence and protect him from the true evil he has created in his basement lab.

[REVIEW] The Hollow – Jessica Verday

Jessica Verday
The Hollow (The Hollow, Book 1)
Simon & Schuster (US & CA: 1st September 2009; UK: 1st October 2009; AU: 1st November 2009)
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Rumour in Sleepy Hollow has it that Kristen Maxwell’s death was a suicide. Her best friend Abbey Browning is not convinced, but only sets about looking into her BFF’s past when Abbey’s new boyfriend (maybe) Caspian suggests so. Luckily, she discovers Kristen’s secret diary…

Had it not been marketed as paranormal romance, and had the setting not been Sleepy Hollow, for the most part this could’ve been straight YA, about coming to terms with Kristen’s death, and Abbey’s sanity really would be a question. The paranormal clues are rather obvious, though – note what Caspian says his surname is, and the first name of the elderly woman. Also easy is Abbey chancing upon a yearbook.

Nikolas is my favourite character, and the cemetery setting is amazing – hopefully it’ll inspire more tourism. Also, the persistent presence of snickerdoodles made me rather jealous, on account of I don’t have any cookies. But Astrid, Caspian’s “nickname” for Abbey? Creepy. If he’d called her little star or something, that would’ve been fine, but Astrid is a person’s name, making me suspect that Caspian has a ladyfriend named Astrid in his past.

Perhaps what’s most curious about the novel is that it’s over 500 pages, because some sections really didn’t need to be there: the cheerleaders at school, visiting with relatives, getting a job… Maybe they’re included to show how much time passes between scenes with Caspian, but other than that they could easily have been scrapped.

Yet, there’s no denying that The Hollow is indeed a page-turner – you don’t stop to think; you just read. And the loose ends definitely shout out for closure, making the sequel, The Haunted, a must-have in 2010.

Library Loot

This meme thing is from Marg at Reading Adventures.

Rarely go to the library nowadays, but since since I binge-reserved a stack of books recently, I collected five on Monday. And have been reading them, and thus spending less time reading blogs and Twitter feeds.

1. Amanda Marrone’s Devoured: Finished, and I loved it. Will review sometime later.

2. Jessica Verday’s The Hollow: Currently reading. Almost 100 pages in, and it’s been a bit slow thus far. When a book is over 500 pages long, it better be that long for a bloody good reason. I shall persevere…

After this I shall be reading:

-Justine Larbalestier’s Liar
-Cheyenne McCray’s Demons Not Included

September 2009 Releases

Done buying August 2009 Releases? Now time for September 2009 Releases. As always, I got my info from Amazon, publishers’ websites and authors’ websites, so if I’m wrong…blame them, not me 😉 If you know of more September releases that aren’t here, it’s either because I don’t know of their existence, or I’m not interested. I play favourites, and there’s no shame in that 😉

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