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[REVIEW] The Butterfly Clues – Kate Ellison

Kate Ellison
The Butterfly Clues
Random House Egmont (US & CA: 14th February 2012)
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Grief for a dead brother leads to investigating the murder of a stripper in Neverland, a dangerous part of Cleveland. Lo Marin is a kleptomaniac who obsessively-compulsively does things in multiples of three. It gives her a sense of control, yet giving into those urges is losing control – hmm.

Anyhoo, Lo steals jewellery, clothing, and journals of Sapphire, whose murder she inadvertently hears. Soon she’s trying to identify a pseudonymous person who could be key to solving the crime.

I easily figured out who Bird and Anchor were, but that didn’t hinder my interest. But the novel is slow at first, seemingly without a plot before the investigation begins properly. A beautifully written tale, readers may be more intrigued by the dead rather than those still alive.

Warning: Yes, there’s a love triangle, but Lo is only interested in one of them – the mysterious one, rather than the nice guy at school.

Warning: Yes, a work of literature studied in Lo’s class coincides with the plot. There’s the theme of doomed lovers: Romeo and Juliet, and Sapphire and Bird.

7 New Covers (Banks & Dane, Clark, Crane, Dane, Ellison, Leicht & Neal, Roberts)

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