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August 2008 Reads

9 books. Because I’m not going to finish a 10th before midnight (it’s almost 10PM).

28 Days Later: The Aftermath – Steve Niles, Dennis Calero, Diego Olmos, Nat Jones

LifeMate Connections: Eryn – Keri Arthur “…the mystery itself is actually quite interesting…” Buy

The Taste of Night – Vicki Pettersson “The Neon Boneyard is a brilliant setting as always, and Joaquin’s underground lair is genuinely creepy. The melding of science and magic is a big part of what makes this series a winner…” Buy

Some Writers Deserve to Starve! – Elaura Niles

Already Dead – Charlie Huston “…like me you’ll be hoping to encounter the second Joe Pitt novel, No Dominion, in the near future.” Buy

Silver is for Secrets – Laurie Faria Stolarz “…compulsively readable…Upon finishing I immediately wanted to read the next in the series…Laurie Faria Stolarz is my kind of writer.” Buy

Moon Called – Patricia Briggs “This series has its fans, and there’s reasonable enough evidence in the world-building and class structure.” Buy

Wifey – Judy Blume “That something published in 1978 seems more believable, realistic and relatable than most books on the market today says a lot.” Buy

Darkling – Yasmine Galenorn “Everything fits together well, the characters seem well formed, and the plot’s intriguing.” Buy

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Armintrout; Cat with Books; & Bring Me My Hookah

Today is July 15th – Jennifer Armintrout’s birthday. Give her the gift of royalties by purchasing The Turning, Possession, Ashes to Ashes and All Souls’ Night.

Manny with Elaura Niles’s Some Writers Deserve to Starve!, Michele Lang’s Netherwood, Jeff Somers’s The Electric Church and The Digital Plague, and the Hotter than Hell anthology.

Spent mucho time watching the videos at Bring Me My Hookah! (aka Lauren Dane & Megan Hart), and I so want to vlog. Do you need a webcam, or any kind of recording video camera? If so, what’s a good and cheap one? And what kind of video editing software do you need? Anyway, check out Lauren and Megan and their summer hijinks – they’re a lot of fun 🙂