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March 2012 Releases

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[REVIEW] Slide – Jill Hathaway

Jill Hathaway
HarperCollins (UK & AU: 1st March 2012; CA: 14th March 2012; US: 27th March 2012)
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Vee Bell is a psychometrist of sorts – she can touch an object and, if the owner’s emotion was strong enough to imprint on the item, Vee can “slide” into their consciousness to see what they’re doing right now. When a cheerleader dies, supposedly a suicide, Vee knows better…because she slid into the murderer, only she can’t identify who that is.

I was not expecting to like this. The concept is so familiar (Melinda Metz’s Fingerprints/Echoes series comes to mind) that it seems common as muck, and on the very first page is one of my major pet peeves: characters reading classic literature that reflects what’s happening to them (in this case, Julius Caesar). Also, there are so many ’90s music references that it’s easy to tell the author grew up in that decade and makes her characters grow up on it, too. Which would’ve been okay if it was Madonna’s music, but instead it’s grunge.

But I actually really enjoyed this, because Slide is a well-crafted mystery: it’s difficult to pick whodunit as there’s plenty of shady characters. There does seem to be a lot of focus on mothers…