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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Shirley Jackson: THE SUMMER PEOPLE: Kindle Edition
Tiffany Reisz: THE CONFESSIONS: Paperback
Tiffany Reisz: THE RED: Paperback
Tiffany Reisz: MICHAEL’S WINGS: Paperback
Tiffany Reisz: THE CHATEAU: Paperback
Tiffany Reisz: PICTURE PERFECT COWBOY: Paperback
Andrew Shaffer: CATSBY: Paperback
Andrew Shaffer: THE SUMMER OF ’82: Kindle Edition & Paperback
Maria V. Snyder: THE EYES OF TAMBURAH: Paperback

Kelley Armstrong: A STRANGER IN TOWN: 9th November 2021: Paperback
Claire Askew: A MATTER OF TIME: 2nd September 2021: Kindle Edition
Emma Cline: REWARDS: 25th February 2021: Kindle Edition
Christina Dalcher: FEMLANDIA: 19th October 2021: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Nicci French: untitled: 26th October 2021: Hardcover & Paperback
Romy Hausmann: SLEEPLESS: 5th October 2021: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Lydia Kang & Nate Pedersen: PATIENT ZERO: 26th October 2021: Hardcover
Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY: 26th October 2021: Paperback
Laura Lam & Elizabeth May: SEVEN DEVILS: 27th July 2021: Paperback
Marissa Meyer: GILDED: 2nd November 2021: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Andrew Shaffer: LOOK MOM I’M A POET (AND SO IS MY CAT): 1st June 2021: Hardcover
Karin Slaughter: THE SILENT WIFE: 26th October 2021: Paperback
Maria V. Snyder: THE CITY OF ZIRDAI: 2nd June 2021: Kindle Edition
Paul Tremblay: SURVIVOR SONG: 28th September 2021: Paperback
Scott Westerfeld: MIRROR’S EDGE: 6th April 2021: Hardcover

Happy Birthday, Terri Clark…and Me

Today is July 14th – author Terri Clark’s birthday. Give her the gift of royalties by pre-ordering Sleepless.

It’s also my birthday, and I’m the ripe old age of 22. Had the whole birthday blues thing in the morning, but I’ve got over that emo biz, thank Crikey. Over for the time being, anyhoo. I treated myself to ordering some books, and buying others off eBay. (Did that earlier in the week, not today.) Not sure when I’ll get around to reading everything, but I’m trying. I’m really struggling with a particular novel right now. It’s not bad – it’s just not my thing, and I’m having trouble keeping concentration. Had the author not given it to me for review, I probably would’ve given up earlier, but I’m persevering. But it’s taking me days, and I feel guilty and tired.

Anyway, will probably treat myself to bags of chips from Coles. A lot of my reading is done while I eat, so I can keep going with this book, and eat comfort food.

Love my new pants, by the way. They’re “yoga pants”, but I don’t do yoga, so I use them as tracky daks. Anyway, they have a panel that goes up to my ribs, thus covering my gut. However, they’re thin and tight, and I’m worried about VPL. Fickle, aren’t I?