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Happy Birthday, Liz Maverick

It’s 22nd September – Liz Maverick’s birthday. I’m not sure how many years it’s been since I learned of her existence. But I remember borrowing Crimson City from the library. At the time, it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I read the first few chapters, and skim-read the rest.

At the time I thought it was just vampires and werewolves. But only recently have I learned there are mechs in the series. So of course now I want to get my mitts on the entire series, and read them properly. If only for the mechs πŸ˜‰

Interestingly enough, Liz’s first novel is the one that most interests me: The Shadow Runners, the third book in the Susan Grant-created 2176 series. The premise of the series is intriguing on its own, but Liz’s contribution is the one most likely to connect with me because…it’s set in Australia. New South Wales, so not Victoria, but let’s not be picky. And in this futuristic Australian incarnation, my fair country is the world’s dumpyard. For toxic waste. In real life, Oz was originally settled by British and Irish convicts – by sending felons away, the theory was that their own countries would be much nicer. Never mind how the native Australians might feel. Convicts, toxic waste…social commentary, people. We are the world’s doormat. And it’s true. Depressing, really, but we have to laugh about it – gallows humour…

Ahem. Naturally, like everyone else, I’m interested in Dorchester’s SHOMI imprint, of which Liz’s Wired was the launch title. It, like The Shadow Runners, is waiting politely on my shelf to be read. (My system of working through my To-Be-Read pile is ever-changing, and ever-lengthening.) As for the sequel, Irreversible, I don’t have it yet. But it hasn’t been released yet, so that’s not my fault πŸ™‚

Liz deserves gifts of royalties, and not just because she’ll be visiting my fair city of Melbourne in February. She’s had published many more books than I’ve mentioned here, but you can start off by buying/pre-ordering The Shadow Runners, Wired and Irreversible.

We dare not measure the size of Liz’s ego after this post πŸ˜‰

[REVIEW] Netherwood – Michele Lang

Michele Lang
Dorchester SHOMI (US: 26th February 2008)

Corporations own colonies in Michele Lang’s fabulously futuristic Netherwood.

Talia Fortune’s uncle is in charge of running the off-world Fresh Havens, but he’s no longer a competent manager. Thus Talia is sent to sheriff the place, and punish the outlaw who screwed up the interface. However, Robert Kovner is also Talia’s cyber-lover, and he knows more about FortuneCorp than she does. As the revelations come to light, Talia has to figure out how to save the colony from a conglomerate owner gone mad.

The first 100 pages are outstanding, a true example of fabulous world-building. The strength is in the details, though I did have a little difficulty keeping track of life on the grid and in the Real. Even just the names of places – such as the Glass Desert – evoke such rich imagery, and there’s other gorgeous descriptions demonstrating good writing.

As the story got more complicated, I had trouble keeping up, and so the novel seemed to lose some of its greatness. With enough focus and attention, however, other readers shouldn’t have this problem. I didn’t quite connect with the characters, but if you’re looking for an ace setting with vivid detail, you’ve come to the right book.

“Peter, what are you doing to my ear?!”

Jordan Summers
Red (Dead World, Book 1 – Mass Market Paperback)
Tor (US: 4th November 2008)

War is brewing in a near-future world where murder is all but unheard of and the existence of creatures known as the Others has yet to be proven. In the end, one woman will face her fears to stand and fight. Gina Santiago is a member of an elite tactical team in charge of protecting the world. She’s devoted her life to apprehending the most heinous criminals that prey on society – and now she’s after the worst one yet. On her own, with no backup, the trail takes her to a dusty, tight-knit town on the fringes of society, where everyone’s a suspect. Even the sexy sheriff, Morgan Hunter, isn’t telling her everything. The closer Gina comes to finding out the secret of this sleepy little town and its big, bad sheriff, the more scared she gets – because she’s beginning to realise that she has a secret, too. A secret that will change her life…and make her the killer’s next prey.

This sounds terrific – me want! And there are sequels coming: Scarlet in June 2009, and Crimson in June 2009. Yay for futuristic fiction!

Speaking of which (from Leah Hultenschmidt):

AMY RENCH – Fallen Rogue, a debut novel for the SHOMI line about an Olympic swimmer whose athletic dreams are dashed when she’s accidentally injected with a top-secret serum that suddenly gives her psi powers. Now the only man she can trust is the one who’s been sent to eliminate her. Coming in Fall 2009.

Fall = September/October/November. Anyway, I’d love to get in touch with Amy Rench, but I can’t seem to find her on the Internet. But I’ve seen a photo of her with Michele Lang and Michelle Rowen/Maddox, so hopefully those ladies – or you, dear reader – will be able to find Amy for me. Just send her to https://tezmilleroz.wordpress.com and tell her to drop me a line. Please, and thank you if you can help.

You know how I get particularly silly just before bedtime? Happened again last night. I was watching the Bring Me My Hookah! gals chat about promise rings, which made me recall a particular Family Guy episode. So my brain kept giggling with the line, “Peter, what are you doing to my ear?!” Oh well, at least I went to sleep with laughs πŸ™‚

What someone typed into Google to get to my WordPress: What to do with an angry inner child. Sorry, dude; can’t help you – I haven’t got my own angry inner child under control yet πŸ˜‰

[COVER ART] Seraphs – Faith Hunter; The Rebels of Romance Team Up with Eve Kenin

Amazon.com wouldn’t work for me properly last night, but Amazon.co.uk did. Thus I found the cover art for the mass market re-issue of Faith Hunter’s Seraphs. Pre-order.

Liz Maverick and Marianne Mancusi (along with Eve Kenin) are in professional mode discussing how their SHOMI books came about, and why the Rebels of Romance brand was created: here. (Scroll down – I tried embed the videos, but their server doesn’t work with WordPress.)

What Shites Me About Kenny’s Cardiology

I was working on the back room computer last night, and left to fetch water from the kitchen. I return, and the monitor wasn’t working. And by “computer”, I mean the system/keyboard of a laptop and a computer monitor.

Anyway, that means no Internet/computer work at night (I only use the main PC when no one else is home, pretty much). Which is good, because in two days I’ve borrowed twenty library books. And that doesn’t count the book I already had at home. And two of those twenty books are two-week loans.

Anyway, I’ve finished rellies/Santa shopping for myself. Bought clothes yesterday at Eastland, and books at Knox City today. I love Borders. What you should know about Borders: If you’re looking for a very specific book, it won’t be there. But if you’re open to suggestion, you’ll have good fun.

Spotted in Borders
*Shomi books, so people will be able to buy Johanna Carleton‘s superhero romance when it’s published circa this time next year. The title’s probably going to be changed, which is why I’m not saying what it’s called.
*Naomi Bellis’s Step Into Darkness.

Not Spotted in Borders
*Jackie Kessler, Richelle Mead… and a kept a particular eye out for Heather Brewer’s Eighth Grade Bites, but no such luck.
*Naomi Bellis’s Draw Down the Darkness – yes, they have Book 2 but no Book 1.
*The U.S. paperback of Kim Harrison’s For a Few Demons More – I would’ve bought that.
*Lilith Saintcrow. Not even UK editions. Bah!

Not Spotted in Borders, But Bought from Angus & Robertson
*Richelle Mead’s Succubus Blues. It’s UK, which is a shame because I prefer the UK cover. But still…

Bought from Borders
*Marie Brennan’s Doppelganger
*Mark Del Franco’s Unshapely Things
*Megan Hart’s Broken

Tip of the Day: Don’t take a bus route that you’ve never tried before. I ended up taking a Ventura bus, and it took fecking ages to get to my destination. It even went to Boronia. Boronia! That’s not “on the way” home! Next time I’ll stick to Invicta.

What Grinds My Gears: The shop name Kenny’s Cardiology. It is not a black market organ warehouse. It sells cards. But not postcards. You call yourself a card shop and you don’t sell postcards? Bah! All I’m saying is that the salespeople better not call themselves “cardiologists” until they’ve done the requisite training at med school. Ridiculous… I don’t care if they’re “cards from the heart”; it’s still a stupid name…

Your school is the scariest of them all…the All-American High School! And the scariest thing about that is my Australian high school was “All-American”…eek!

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