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October 2021 Releases

Better late than never, right? So here are some books you may have missed, released October 2021. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Kelley Armstrong: Dreaming Darkness: Volume Two: Buy
Kelley Armstrong: A Twist of Fate: Buy
Keri Arthur: Broken Bonds: Buy
Laura Bickle: Shifting Summer: Buy
Christina Dalcher: Femlandia: Buy
Merrie Destefano: A Place of Magic (previously published as Feast): Buy
Janet Edwards: Array 2781: Buy
Nicci French: The Unheard: Buy: Goodreads
Romy Hausmann (translated by Jamie Bulloch): Sleepless: Buy
Karen Ann Hopkins: The Fortuna Coin: Buy
Carrie Jones: The Things We Seek: Buy
Cherie Priest: Grave Reservations: Buy
Erica Spindler: Seven Deadly Sins (previously published as In Silence): Buy