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[REVIEW] Rip Tide – Kat Falls

Kat Falls
Rip Tide (Dark Life, Book 2)
Scholastic (US: 1st August 2011); Simon & Schuster (UK: 4th August 2011; AU: 1st October 2011)
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Usually young adult novels don’t scare me, but Kat Falls’ Dark Life series does. The subsea location freaks me out – the creatures, the gangs, the politicians…not to mention that if they run out of crops and Liquigen, the people will die. The stakes are always high, and the scenes with the saltwater crocodile and the Drift rescue are bloody frightening. There’s more than enough gore to satisfy horror and crime fans, and the first-person male narrative is realistic.

If you haven’t checked out Book 1, Dark Life, get on it, then track down Rip Tide. These YA dystopian thrillers are dynamic!

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