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[REVIEW] Pure – Julianna Baggott

Julianna Baggott
Hachette (UK & AU: 2nd February 2012; US: 8th February 2012)
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Just before the Detonations hit, certain people made it safely into the Dome. The others out in the open were fused to what they were holding at the time – and that’s just the best-case scenario. Pressia Belze doesn’t want to become a soldier, or become a live target for them, so she’s running and hiding for her life. Partridge Willux hears a whisper that his mother, who didn’t make it into the Dome, may still be alive, and so he sets outside to find her.

A familiar set-up is enlivened with such exquisite detail that Pure should not be missed. The author acknowledges her father’s copious research, and his work has paid off extremely well. Clockwork creations, high-technology, mummy moulds, behavioural coding, brain augmentation, fusions, deformities, mutations, amputation, DIY surgery…all sorts of fascinating subjects are included, with plenty of riddles to challenge readers. Julianna Baggott’s world-building is superb. I loved Pure! One of the finest dystopian novels to get excited about, I can’t wait to read books 2 and 3.

7 New Covers (Baggott, Caine, Cooper, Dane, Priest, Sheehan & Verday)

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