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Author PODcast

I’m not one for podcasts, but here’s one I’ll definitely be following: Jennifer Armintrout’s Princess of Dorkness Cast. (Just add the link to your GoogleReader or whatnot to stay updated.) “Princess of Dorkness” is what the “pod” in “podcast” stands for by the way. Some would say it’s the same POD in “Print on Demand”, but I can assure you that Jen is published by a proper publisher (Harlequin MIRA) worldwide.

Her Blood Ties series works for me because of the humour, and by that I mean “wit”. I know witty, wise-cracking protags are de rigeur, but Carrie’s witticisms don’t seem forced, and that’s because the author is genuinely funny on her own. Believe me, I’m wary of humour in fiction, because when someone’s trying to be funny, but they’re not actually funny…comes across as lame. Humour is objective of course, so I’m the kind of person who generally stays away from novels with puns in their titles. My idea of humour is Family Guy, American Dad and South Park – the writers are so smart, and their social commentary is apt. Then there are the memorable characters…

*ahem* Anyway, Jen’s PODcast will be about whatever she feels like talking about, or what her readers/listeners suggest. The first PODcast is online now, and amongst the topics is NaNoWriMo. I’m not a NaNo fan anymore, because I realised this year that it’s more about competition, like who can get to 50,000 first. I much prefer the 70 Days of Sweat, because everyone’s goals are different, so there’s no direct competition – just a lot of genuine support.

And NaNo tends to bring out…people who think 200,000 words is a novel. No, that’s two novels. And then there’re those who talk about their characters as if they’re real people. Mostly my problem is the people who only blog about their writing, and nothing else. That’s so close-minded, because even if you spend all day writing, you do still have opinions about food, TV, society and whatnot. To blog strictly about your characters seems kind of obnoxious…or maybe the blogs I’m following have content that I’m not privy to 😉

If you only want to follow one author’s podcast, make it this one. Audio only, no video.