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[GUEST BLOGGER] Leslie Tentler on Research

This guest post is part of the official blog tour for Leslie Tentler’s Before the Storm. Below, you’ll find the author’s links, information about her books, and the guest post.


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[REVIEW] Midnight Caller – Leslie Tentler

Leslie Tentler
Midnight Caller (Chasing Evil, Book 1)
Harlequin Mira (US: 18th January 2011)
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The romance doesn’t work for me. Investigators getting romantically involved with case witnesses is just not professional.

New Orleans is a little overused in fiction, and this novel could’ve been set in any other state…except for the climax. The swamp really justifies why the story is set here, and let’s face it: the South is damn creepy. Weird shiz and family secrets are part and parcel here, and definitely put the suspense in this romantic suspense. The paranormal elements thankfully fall short of going over-the-top, and thus keep the novel in the crime genre.

Would’ve liked to learn more about Gavin Firth and Sarah Rivette.

January 2011 Releases

Done with December 2010 Releases? Here are January 2011 Releases. Some of these books will actually be available in late December (Harlequin changed their release info at Amazon after I’d already done December’s list), so pre-order now and they may arrive before 2011. To see further into the publication date future, check Reading Wishlist.

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9 New Covers

Behind the cut.

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