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The original needed a LOL. So I LOLed.

[REVIEW] I Can Has Cheezburger – Professor Happycat & ICanHasCheezburger.com

Professor Happycat & ICanHasCheezburger.com
I Can Has Cheezburger?: A LOLcat Colleckshun
Penguin Gotham (US: 7th October 2008; CA: 6th November 2008); Hachette Hodder & Stoughton (UK: 16th October 2008; AU: December 2008)

First a popular website, now comes I Can Has Cheezburger? – a coffee table book to keep your guests amused.

Eric Nakagawa and Karl Unebasami cofounded I Can Has Cheezburger almost two years ago. A LOLcat is an image of a cat with a caption, usually with deliberately bad grammar and atrocious spelling. Indeed, you may have to read some slowly to properly understand. However, if cats really could speak, I imagine they’d be the sophisticated types looking down upon you with their vast vocabulary and correct writing fundamentals. But what would I know? That’s why the prestigious Professor Happycat pops up every now and then with a handy explanation for those not in the know.

One can blow through the book in about 10 minutes, yet all the important topics are included: food, economics, the workplace, etc. And you’re sure to find a LOLcat to show how you’re feeling…Speaking of which, here’s mine (from here):

The Ultimate Cat-with-Book Photo

2 cats in one photo – the mind boggles…

I Can Has Cheezburger? will be released by Hachette Australia in December 2008.

Off to stare at the Razor Girl cover some more…


Photo of Melanie Nilles‘s cat Harlee. LOL by me. You may recognise Harlee as the same cat on the background of my Twitter page.

Because We Could All Do with a LOL

This is not my cat, and not my photo. But it is my LOL – after all, how could I see this image and not LOL it?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all ran out of dance.

Oh, and the photo was blurred before I got to it, so I wasn’t deliberately trying to conceal the cat’s identity. Just so you know.

To the person who typed tez miller arrc into Google to get to my WordPress – say hello 🙂 I haven’t booked my ticket yet (signing session tickets don’t go on sale until November), but drop me a message here.

I Can Has LOLcode

I Can Has LOLcode: Check out the slideshow that accompanies this article – they asked (and received) permission to use four of my LOLcats. Thanks to Nikki, Mel and Jodi for the use of their cat photos, and thanks to Suzy, Padme and Kippy for deigning to be photographed.

I’ve added some new titles (including ones by Rachel Caine and Jocelynn Drake) to my Reading Wishlist.

Now, to await the cat’s homecoming for photography, and resisting the urge to buy crisps…

Happy Birthday, Jeri Smith-Ready; LOLcats & Twitter

Today is July 11th – Jeri Smith-Ready’s birthday. Give the gift of royalties by buying/pre-ordering her books: Requiem for the Devil, Eyes of Crow, Voice of Crow, Wicked Game and The Reawakened.

Many thanks to Melanie Nilles and Jodi Meadows for lending me their photos of Padme and Kippy, respectively. The originals are here, here and here.

And I’m now on Twitter. I’ve tried to add as many people as I’ve been able to find. If I’ve missed you, I probably don’t have your email address. Please enlighten me, and feel free to Twitter Follow me.

LOLcat & WordPress

Original photo. Suzy decided to claim her owner Nicole’s laptop, and thus she inspired this LOLcat.

Mega-thanks to everyone who visited my WordPress yesterday (Tuesday 8th July). You gave me my highest page visits in one day: 223. Considering the previous best was 177, this was quite a jump. Here were the most visited pages:

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July 2008 Releases
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[COVER ART] Witch Heart – Anya Bast
Cat with Books, Manny, WordPress & Tokyo

Sneezy me has to walk through muddy paddock again now.

Ceiling Cat is Watching

Laptop update: So it’s dead and can’t come back to life, lalala. I don’t feel comfortable writing fiction on the PC. But here’s the lineup: First we’ll be getting a new PC. Then we’ll be getting broadband. And then I’ll get a new/second-hand laptop. So I won’t be writing fiction for quite some time. I can still critique other people’s stuff, though, as my critique group will know 😉

If you read Cat Macros, I imagine you’re well acquainted with Ceiling Cat. He peeks out from a hole in the ceiling and watches people do stuff that end in -ate. eg “Ceiling Cat is watching you reincarnate.” (That one’s for you, Johanna 😉 )

My personal favourite is the one done by Despair Faery here:

*gets teary with nostalgia* By the way, November 22nd 2007 will be the tenth anniversary of Michael Hutchence’s death. Prepare yourself an INXS mixtape in his honour, and get out the tissues.

And now for memes:

Are you going to Heaven or Hell?

Looks like you have failed and will be going to Hell. v.v No worries, over half the people who take this quiz will be getting this result. At least you were honest to answer the questions truthfully and you might stand a chance in getting into Heaven. Oh well, look on the bright side, at least you won’t be cold!
Take this quiz!

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Nicked from Nicole:
1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/.
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their “Career Matchmaker” questions.
4. Post the top ten fifteen results.

1. Composer
2. Telephone Operator
3. Casting Director
4. Comedian
5. Musician
6. Special Effects Technician
7. Data Entry Clerk
8. Medical Transcriptionist
9. Epidemiologist
10. Researcher
11. Announcer
12. Sign Language Interpreter
13. Stenographer
14. Receptionist / Information Clerk
15. Illustrator

Note: Just because I like things, doesn’t make me any good at them.

Cat Macros

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