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Cover Art Survey

This survey came via one of the loops I’m on. Thought I may as well share my answers with you, too.

I’ll give you my demographics, too, so you can see where I’m coming from, and perhaps why my opinions are what they are.

23 years old, Celtic-Australian female in suburban Victoria. Am a reader, not an author. Not really into romance as a genre – I prefer it as a subplot rather than the main event.

1. What kind of covers do you like? I prefer photography, or illustration that looks close enough to resemble photography. I’m easily distracted by pretty colours, swirly things, prisms throwing rainbows, pretty cityscapes, gorgeous international architecture, etc.

2. How much detail should be on them? Maybe three things maximum on the front cover – character, setting and symbol. I’m happy to have a very detailed setting, but would prefer more anonymous character models.

3. Do you prefer characters or symbols, and why? Symbols. Would rather see something ABOUT the character, rather than the character his/herself. So pretty much symbols win by default πŸ˜‰

4. What don’t you like on covers? I’m so over mantitty and clinch covers, and arse/boobs shots. I guess when you’re exposed to something so much, you become desensitised, and that’s pretty much the stage I’m in.

5. What would you prefer in digital artwork? Characters, or something to do with the story? Character faces are fine, but see my above note about T&A/naked torsos. So I guess I would prefer something to do with the story, but surely there’s room on the cover for both character and something that fits the story.

6. Links to covers you do like, both digital and ‘normal’. http://judyyork.com/collections/Fantasy3/imgs/5.jpg This is my favourite cover of all time, done by Judy York for Marianne Mancusi’s Razor Girl. Love the colours, love the setting, love the look of the character – of course, you need great writing to inspire a great cover commissioned just for the book. Think it has elements of both digital and normal. http://www.stygiandarkness.com/store/images/L_a_flash_of_hex.jpg This is Timothy Lantz’s cover for Jes Battis’s A Flash of Hex. This is illustrated, I think, but may also have digital elements. I love the smoke, the colours and the glowing things. http://samhainpublishing.com/graphics/1316.jpg And as for straight digital art, I recently found this gem by Kanaxa for Nicole Kimberling’s Happy Snak. It’s got the right balance of character, setting, and swirly colours. The font is also a good match for the genre.

We only got 4 minutes to save the world

My dear pal A.J. Menden‘s Phenomenal Girl 5, before and after I made it a ShomiLOL. Mark November 2008 on your calendars, folks – you know you want it! Cover art done by the fabulous Judy York (remember I sent her a fangirly mail after becoming enamoured with her artwork for Marianne Mancusi‘s Razor Girl?). Also did the trippy art for Liz Maverick‘s Irreversible. You Shomi authors sure have been blessed with brilliant covers! πŸ™‚

Good News & A Fond Farewell

The good news is that Liz Maverick has shared the cover art for Irreversible at Rebels of Romance. Irreversible is set in the same world as Wired (I think), and is due to be released October 2008. It’s already available for pre-order at Amazon. I love pretty colours, so I’ll be staring at this cover again! I believe the artist is Judy York, who also did the cover of Marianne Mancusi‘s Razor Girl (which is due out September 2008, and is available for pre-order at Amazon). Love it πŸ™‚

The bad news is that things are really dire in my life now, and have been building up for quite some months, and involves stuff that I haven’t mentioned on my blog – public, friends only, filtered or otherwise. I’m in a very dark place that I see no end of in the near-future. This is probably a sign that I need to up my Zoloft dosage, and I promise you I will seek medical advice from my GP. No chance of suicide attempts or self-harming at this stage – people self-harm to feel pain, and I’m feeling enough pain as it is.

Anyway, I’m telling you this to explain my odd behaviour for the past year. And it’s also an explanation of why I’m going to stop blogging for a while. My purpose in life is to bring you smiles and laughter, and if I can’t do that then I have no reason to be around. I still plan to keep an eye on your happenings, but I won’t be commenting as much (because I have nothing worthy to contribute).

I don’t know how long this will last, and I don’t know how to improve my situation, so it could be some time.

Many thanks to all of you who’ve read my posts, commented and lent support in one way or another. Thanks especially to those on my LJ Friends List. And thank you even more to the authors who’ve guest-blogged, allowed me to interview them, and have sent me books and promo stuff. This really does mean so much to me, but as I’m not a good communicator, I can’t find the necessary words.

And most of all, thank you to the people who made me feel worthy of living and associating with you wonderful people. Thank you for making me feel that my opinion matters, and I do contribute goodness to the world. Thank you for being friends. Thanks for the hugs, words of support, commiserations, sympathy and – most of all – understanding. I’m a terrible communicator in that I can’t find the words to say what I really mean, but somehow you still manage to get my message. It’s so hard for me to be understood in this world, so you mean a lot to me.

This is not the end of Tez, I hope. You can always, always email me at anytime. If you prefer LiveJournal, MySpace, BlogSpot, WordPress, Facebook – you can contact me that way, too. Even Shelfari, Last.fm, Bebo and Flickr – I’ll be here whenever you need me. Not that I can do you any good, but I can try.

Thanks for giving this little Australian some hope. Thanks for supporting my endeavours to improve the Australian book industry, and books in general around the world. I’m still honoured to read your books, review them, interview you and have you guest blog at anytime. Just let me know.

Even though I can’t bring you smiles and laughter, please know that when I tell you to have a lovely day, I seriously would like you to be happy – and be happy enough for the both of us.

Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

Tez Miller
TezMillerOz at Gmail dot com

Bloody Lie

Dutifully went to Eastland yesterday to give Anton Strout‘s Dead to Me promo postcards to the two bookstores. Dymocks accepted some. Angus & Robertson did not. Said they didn’t have space or something. Which is a bloody lie, because I saw plenty of space on the counter. I was polite and accepted their reason, though. Maybe they just didn’t like me. In other words, Mr Anton, you’ll have to get Penguin to bribe Angus & Robertson (Eastland) to display your promo stuff.

So my next move now would be to head to Knox City, where I can visit Dymocks, Borders and Angus & Robertson. Only their A&G might ditch me too. And if I go to Borders, I’ll impulse buy, and I’ve spent enough lately. But there’s no guarantee they’ll have stuff I want to buy, anyway.

Anyway, bought four albums at JB. Too much spending, Tezzy. You’ve got problems.

Oh, and I totally sent a fangirly letter to Judy York who did the art for Marianne Mancusi‘s Razor Girl. She said it was nice her work was appreciated – great lass πŸ™‚

Nicked from : Sweet Valley Quizzes
1. SVH You scored: 10 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 8 / 10
2. SVH You scored: 21 / 25 The average score for this quiz: 16 / 25
3. SVH You scored: 19 / 20 The average score for this quiz: 15 / 20
4. SVH You scored: 10 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 6 / 10
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10. SVH You scored: 9 / 15 The average score for this quiz: 9 / 15
11. SVHSY You scored: 6 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 7 / 10
12. SVH You scored: 7 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 7 / 10
13. SVH You scored: 8 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 6 / 10
14. SVHSY You scored: 9 / 10 The average score for this quiz: 7 / 10
15. SVHSY You scored: 8 / 15 The average score for this quiz: 10 / 15