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[REVIEW] Heaven – Christoph Marzi

Christoph Marzi [translated from the original German into English by Helena Ragg-Kirkby]
Heaven [originally published as Heaven: Stadt der Feen]
Hachette (UK: 2nd February 2012; AU: 14th February 2012)
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Sometimes one comes across books by happenstance.

I spotted Christoph Marzi’s Memory in Hachette Australia’s teen newsletter. Liked the cover, liked the summary, and decided to look up the author. My consortium of libraries only had Heaven, a stand-alone.

It’s that very odd kind of novel, with a concept I wasn’t sure I’d like, but it completely won me over. Christoph Marzi is the missing link between J. K. Rowling and Holly Black, and Heaven is truly an urban fairy tale. From the rooftops of Kensington, to Little Venice, to the Millennium Eye, Marzi’s chilly but charming London is peopled with enchanting lead characters. And this novel goes to show that the best romances aren’t in romance novels at all – I adored David and Freema, and wanted them together.

The concept: Freema’s heart is sliced out and stolen. Yet she still lives and breathes. How? Read on…