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[REVIEW] Heart of Darkness – Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane
Heart of Darkness (Bound by Magick, Book 1)
Penguin Berkley Sensation (US & CA: 1st November 2011; AU: 7th December 2011)
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I don’t expect every book I read to be worth five stars, but I hope so and keep searching. Lauren Dane is an author with potential who sets the framework for great conflicts. In Heart of Darkness, a bond between witches is not always romantic or sexual. (It’s like imprinting in the Twilight Saga.) Edwina Owen is married to Abe, but her bond-mate is Roy. Spellcrafting works best with one’s bond-mate’s.

How does Abe feel about Edwina and Roy’s bond? What if someone or their bond-mate is already in a relationship? What if one’s bond-mate is a serial killer? There’s enormous potential for conflict in this relationship, yet the author does not explore this. (Tez recommends: In Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series, the heroine’s soulmate is a murderer.) Someone remarks that it’s a miracle the clan witches aren’t all inbred. My thoughts exactly.

Meriel is supposedly intelligent, but often she thinks/talks like a teenager. Dominic, too, for that matter. There are direct references to acting like a sixteen-year-old, a fifteen-year-old, a fourteen-year-old. This isn’t cute. Dominic likens Meriel to her socks: silly and fierce. This novel tries to be fierce, but is really just silly. Here are some Dominic quotes:

-“I’ve got some goo for you too.” I’d expect that talk from Peter Griffin, not from a supposed romance hero. Ew.
-“I want you with me, Meriel. Tampons and coffee habit included.” Bollocks. We all know romance heroines don’t menstruate because that would get in the way of their sex lives.

There are other things that piss me off about this novel, but in the theory of trash and treasure: what works for you may not be right for some. You’ve been warned.

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