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[REVIEW] Hallowed Circle – Linda Robertson

Linda Robertson
Hallowed Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, Book 2)
Simon & Schuster Pocket Juno (US & CA: 29th December 2009; UK: 4th February 2010; AU: 11th February 2010)
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Persephone Alcmedi isn’t just a witch who writes a syndicated newspaper column, kennels wærewolves, lives with her grandmother, and is guardian to a kid. She is also the Lustrata, the Bringer of Justice and Light. Something like that, anyway. Whatever it is, it makes her a Speshul Snowflake. And despite that she’s a solitary witch, she’s gunning to become the next High Priestess of the local coven – or at least stop a certain someone else from gaining that position.

The competition – the Eximium – is by far the highlight here. It takes up only the middle third of the novel, but it’s bloody awesome. As for the rest of the book…it didn’t work for me. Or I didn’t work for it; just couldn’t summon up enthusiasm. My bad.

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